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    Anyone here that has tried out SUBEA brand by decathlon or has seen its BCD firsthand?

    Decathlon is a popular sporting goods store mostly in Western European countries, but the company has been expanding to other geographical regions, they opened a store in California USA a couple of years ago from my understanding, and it would not surprise me that they have extended their...
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    Rolock 90

    You could switch out the seal retention ring in the cuff rings for the rigid oval ring of the si-tech qcs oval system. You could also conceivably mount the glove ring without a glove ring in place...this will protect the sealing face of the cuff ring without adding any more bulk than you would...
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    Rolock dry glove system review and modification

    ^ This exactly. -Z
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    Rolock dry glove system review and modification

    It is the inside hand that does the twisting. Make a fist with your hand wearing the glove and then twist your hand/wrist. Use the other hand only to steady the cuff ring. Also, the Rolock 90 directions show to index the rings to a line through the middle finger of each hand. I mounted my rings...
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    Dry-glove options

    The o-ring has nothing to do with how tight/loose the Rolock 90 twists together. Attaching the glove rings to the suit rings will only serve to compress the sealing o-ring...while this should not have a great affect on the o-ring as that is basically "dive mode", it is not a good idea to store...
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    Dry-glove options

    Send me a pm for my phone number and I will help to answer all your questions about any and/or all of the following glove systems: 1. Rolock 90 2. Rolock 1/2/3 3. Waterproof Ultima DGS 4. Fourth Element Ellipse 5. Si-Tech Antares 6. Si-Tech Glove Lock 7. Si-Tech Quick Glove 8. Kubi I can...
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    For Sale Whites / Aqualung FUSION SPORT DRYSUIT (Size: L)

    You are operating with a non-standard definition of "pristine", "no damages", and "perfect condition". Aqualung aquired Whites in 2010 and phazed out the Whites brand name (for at least the Fusion suits) by the 2015 product season, so if your suit was bought new 4 years ago then it was old...
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    Most Expedient Route to DM

    For the NAUI MSD, in the course I took, it covered just about all the skills required from the DM course I took, plus there was a bunch of apnea work, general skills work in the pool, rescue scenarios, search and recovery scenarios, limited visibility work, a good deal of navigation, plus a...
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    Most Expedient Route to DM

    I would recommend against becomming a Divemaster. There is nothing about the course in and of itself that will make you a better diver. The expectation is that you arrive at the table with a refined skillset. Becoming certified as a DM means you will have an annual professional liability...
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    How to assemble DSMB / spool with line swivel?

    Here is a video that explains a good technique to use: -Z
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    How to assemble DSMB / spool with line swivel?

    Put your money where your mouth is and purchase some to compare to what you have. I have no use for a swivel on DSMB regardless of origin/source. One might find that Apeks is utilizing the same source for their swivel as that listed at the link provided earlier. And without evidence to the...
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    How to assemble DSMB / spool with line swivel?

    And there is no guarantee the Apeks swivel won't fall apart at the first outing either. The Swivel itself represents a failure point that can/should be eliminated (if one is concerned with failure points). Apeks didn't invent the swivel and I highly doubt they have any intellectual property...
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    BCD Failure

    A small handful of years ago a member of one the dive clubs I was apart of passed out underwater due to a panic attack while struggling to ascend. One of the dump valves on her bcd had unscrewed to the point it would not seal and she could not establish enough bouyancy to get off the bottom. I...
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    Suunto SK8 bungee mount advice

    I dive with a suunto vyper air in a bungee mount and have it set up simiilar to the video. I have it sized for my drysuit sleeve so I dont need to pull the loop over unless I am using my wetsuit. It works very well setup that way. -Z
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    Want to Buy Looking for lp45 - 50 tanks

    There are also these posted on the board recently: For Sale - Two {2} Luxfer Al 40 Cylinders, NO valve -Z