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    Want to buy my first air cylinder

    Keep in mind, a 100cuft high pressure tank and a 100cuft low pressure tank both hold the same amount of air. The volume of air a tank can hold is determined by its internal physical size and its pressure rating. Choosing a HP or LP tank is more a matter of which other gear, e.g. your regulator...
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    Want to buy my first air cylinder

    The responses would probably be better and more focused on your needs if you provide more information about the how, where and when you plan to use your tanks for diving, as well as what other gear you plan to use your tanks with. The other option available to you is to just buy something...
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    Want to buy my first air cylinder

    Depends where you dive. At one of our local beaches, a very popular shore diving spot, there is a scuba shop just a few blocks away. A one-tank. person could easily do two dives, if they wanted to, by walking the few blocks and getting a refill. In fact, I've even done this when I brought two...
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    Reminder of boat etiquette as we emerge from covid

    To be fair, it's proper dive etiquette to clear this kind of thing with a guide before doing it, and certainly before announcing it in front of other guests. (If there were no guests besides your group, then this issue isn't as relevant.) It could put the guide in an awkward position if they...
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    Reminder of boat etiquette as we emerge from covid

    "Pretty much tells you who is a warm water diver" I think what Marie meant by this is there are people in her area (i.e. the Great Lakes) that dive mostly warm water on vacation, so they don't know the local custom. When these people try to dive locally, they might bring a large bag to the dive...
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    Reminder of boat etiquette as we emerge from covid

    This really varies by location and boat. It's pretty common and accepted practice for people to bring big roller bags onto most dive boats in southern Calif (the bigger ones that can take 20 to 30 divers.) The crew expects it, usually has space on the bow (or similar area) to store all the empty...
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    Dive boat etiquette and buoyancy check

    Saltwater is about 3% denser than freshwater, so the upward buoyant force provided by saltwater is about 3% more than in freshwater. When you're neutrally buoyant in freshwater, the upward buoyant force is equal to your weight... i.e. the weight of you and all your gear. This means the...
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    Children die playing with scuba gear left in pool - Jensen Beach, Florida

    You claim that nitrogen and oxygen do not separate significantly, because their molecular masses, at 28 and 32, respectively, are similar. But then you claim that CO and oxygen do separate significantly... even though their molecular masses are 28 and 32, respectively. As a scientific claim...
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    Taking Rescue Course and I don't think the conditions are good to dive in.

    It seems your approach to diving could use some adjusting. If you have only 20 dives and you just finished your rescue course, and you have a deep diver course planned... a majority of your diving has been in classes. This means that most of your dives have been under the direction of an...
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    Total of 12 dives and already a few lessons and one almost "near miss"

    That is very interesting... so differentiating between the availability of "hyperbaric" and "recompression" chambers would be important for an EAP.
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    When is it okay to abandon your dive buddy?

    Sounds like you were both panicking a little here, i.e. your ability to think calmly and rationally had been compromised. At least you recognized it, but it doesn't seem like your buddy did. Also, swimming against current is always a bad idea... you'll work too hard, breathe too hard, get tired...
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    OW failure, advice?

    Ahhh... I was not aware this is a common figure of speech. I was reading it literally. Thanks for the clarification.
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    OW failure, advice?

    That's a little dramatic. I'm certainly not in favor of the instructor's actions, but suggesting to the OP that a low-viz situation is putting them at immediate risk of death is a little much.
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    OW failure, advice?

    I'll play devil's advocate here... I believe the OP is describing the experience with OW dive 1. I don't know about other agencies, but PADI doesn't require all CW skills to be completed before OW dives 1 or 2. Only CW sections 1, 2, 3 are required before the first two OW dives. The remaining CW...
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    How to turn off an Analox O2EII?

    I use the white cap too, but have to replace my sensor every few years and battery every few years. Sounds like you have the better deal, considering a battery is only a buck or two and the sensor runs about $130.
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