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    Galveston In Sept.

    Yeah, that's gonna be tough out of Galveston. I too would recommend the Freeport area. You can hit Stetson Bank and the rigs only a couple of hours from there. It can be very good diving. The trick is going to be making your timeline work.
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    Tank rack / stabilizer for truck bed

    I started with a wooden pallet. I removed every other slat in the pallet, then used eye hooks with bungees to secure the tanks. Not nearly as pretty - but it only cost one slightly misappropriated wooden pallet :D
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    Whale Sharks from Cozumel?

    Or fly into Cancun - do whales from there. Then the next day take the ADO (bus) to Playa del Carmen, catch the ferry to Coz for the balance of your trip.
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    Skeletons in the River

    Great addition to a Stress and Rescue that didn't work out so well. :baaa:
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    New Diver

    Welcome aboard......and as to the silly questions......bring em on. The only thing a diver likes more than diving is talking about diving :D .......well, on second thought :cool2:.
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    How many actually use diver buoy or surface marker buoy?

    Always.......even when training in the pool. Shop requires ALL instructors to be fully equipped but that being said - I wouldn't dream of going in the ocean without a marker.
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    catalina dive: should i or shouldn't i???

    +++++1 on hiring a DM as well. A friend of mine did something similar with his fathers ashes on Cozumel. It was a very loving gesture to his father. But, seriously hire a Dive Master and discuss the plan with them.
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    Wrist vs console computer ?

    Actually, I run both. I have the VT3 on the wrist and a Pro-Plus2 on the hose. I like the wrist for quick depth reference and remaining air while hanging at the safety stop. The console for me is easier to read on night dives as I am in complete denial on the need for bifocals at age 55.....:D
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    RCCL Cruise dive excursions

    Got to agree here. If you hit a day with a good current it may put her off - especially if she is nervous about her first time. Paradise Garden in Cozumel is an amazing place for snorkeling should that be an option BUT it will be crowded when a number of ships are in port. Im not sure - but AKR...
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    Are these scuba or snorkel fins?

    Snorkel fins and I believe that the mask has a depth rating that is fairly shallow.
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    Medical forms?

    Since you are going to be in a foreign country and if you are going to declare a "yes" I would certainly get with the dive op to see what they are going to require. There are locations that will NOT honor a medical from outside the country. Nothing worse then going to dive and being told you...
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    RCCL Cruise dive excursions

    Did this itinerary in December. We dove RCCL all the way. Problem is logistics in Roatan and Belize. Anthony KR in Roatan is outstanding so much so we went back and stayed with them for a week. Belize we dove from the ship because the dive op picked us up at the ship and returned us as well. We...
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    Where to stay after Playa for convenient diving?

    The only place for me is the Royal. Its all inclusive, not cheap but you can get good deals off-peak and its on the beach!
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    Welcome Back! Nothing like having a wife for a dive buddy. As to recommendations - dive, dive, dive.....
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    IAD to CUN

    You hear that UNITED! Cant wait until Southwest starts from Houston.........then I will be done with you.
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