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    Okinawa dive recommendations

    Kadena seawall.
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    Place for Scary movie producton (RUS)

    That is horror movie stuff right there.
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    Wetsuit buoyancy: Loss in depth - how big should be BCD

    I can't afford a drysuit. Lol. But my BP/w with 25 pound wing works great. Had a lp inflator malfunction at 40 feet and was able to comfortably swim my rig up. With a HP100 tank. Good read.
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    Cylinder type and proper weighting (SPLIT FROM 'Pull Dumps - Lose them')

    I have to agree with the aluminum tank comment. Went out diving with a new HP100 and 4 pounds and was way overweight. Looking forward to no weight at all. Gonna sell my two 80's and go with steel only.
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    What's the coldest water temp you will wetsuit in??

    Mid to low 50's in a 3/2 with a 1/2 mil skinsuit underneath.
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    Advice on lift capacity for BP&W

    I use a 25 pound wing. Plenty of lift with a HP100. Balance is good was able to easily swim it up from 40 feet after a lp inflator malfunction. Mine is from DGX.
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    Equipment for Wreck Diving

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    Instructors who yell for no reason

    Yelling can serve a purpose if done in the correct way. It can teach a person to react in a calm manner when there is total chaos going on around them.
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    Any pointers to nerve regeneration sites?

    See if you can make contact with Bernie Chowdhurry. He went thru something similar with a DC's hit he took.
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    Got Lost on a Dive

    I made that mistake on the Ruby E in San Diego. Got caught up in the current dive buddy left and I did my safety stop and ended up a bit aways from the dive boat.
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    Almost ready to buy 2 Faber galvanized LP 85's - sound right?

    I just picked up a hp 100 from dris. Gonna get it out this weekend and see if I can go zero weight. Looking forward to it.
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    Do I need multiple dive computers or HP hoses?

    I dive up to 36 and my regs have never been cleaned. Just my dedicated nitrox tanks have been o2 cleaned. I had the same concerns about the regs called dris and they confirmed 40 and below they are good as is.
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    Differences between Jacket, Back-Inflate, BP/W

    I dive with a 25# wing. Ss sta and soon a hp100. And still have plenty of lift. Tbone is a wealth of knowledge and he helped me get my wing setup.
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