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    Trip Report Turks & Caicos Explorer II 8/21 - 8/28/21

    Ya... I've been on that boat twice. The food is marginal at best. The food on the Roatan Aggressor was fantastic.
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    Anti-anxiety meds

    I have taken anxiety meds when diving never had a problem.
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    Roatan Aggressor in May

    Thanks, Honduras has a precheck website I have to fill out 48 hours before arrival. Like I said it came with a 12 pages of instruction. I was curious if anyone had filled this out. The covid testing doesn't bother me as much. I've done 4 trips already this year and all of them required covid test
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    Roatan Aggressor in May

    Hi Everyone, I will be traveling the Roatan Aggressor in May and I have some questions. 1. Has anyone filled out the online precheck forms? Any problems I should know about? There is a 12 page instruction sheet for this precheck which seems a lot. 2. I need a covid test 72 hours...
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    Nitrogen narcosis

    I've had the feeling of panic a couple of times a depth. The thought kept going thru my head, "I can't breathe thru my nose"! Very strange. I've been diving for years and never thought that. I totally focused on keeping calm and continued the dive with no problem. Weird how the mind works.
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    Back to wetherell

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    Info on the Belize Aggressor IV from this past week.

    Thanks Starzz, getting the exit test was my main concern so I can totally understand the apprehension. I really appreciate the information. I called Aggressor on Monday and was told there was no problems with the onboard testing which is also good news. Thanks Again.
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    Info on the Belize Aggressor IV from this past week.

    Hi Everyone, just looking for info from this past week on the Aggressor IV Belize. I'm heading out next Saturday and was wondering how the Covid test worked out prior to leaving Belize back to the States.
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    Uneasy feeling of booking an August trip

    I've flown AA 4 times and the only issue I had was they changed my arrival/departure times which was no big deal
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    New USA cdc requirements

    I'm booked on the aggressor III in be Belize in February. They have contracted with a medical facility to meet the boat when it returns on Friday noon. All guess will be tested and get the the results back later that day plus I need a negative test 92 hours before I leave for Belize. I've...
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    Turks and Caicos on Aggressor II liveaboard

    No reason to exchange currency. TCI takes dollars
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    Unbelievable Find! Hand Etched Dated Black Glass Mallet Bottle..

    as a one time bottle collector it looks like you have great find!
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    Turks and Caicos on Aggressor II liveaboard

    What Hoag said is true....especially on night dives!
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    Turks and Caicos on Aggressor II liveaboard

    Ya...I just got back 2 week ago. Dove with Explorer Ventures. Water temp was a little cool I brought both my 3mm and 5mm. The 5 worked out great stowed the three. Air temp was great. We got lucky hardly any wind at all compared to the week before us I was told. This was my second time in 5...
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    Belize on Aggressor III

    I called and they said yes the med tech will definitely be at the boat on arrival Friday afternoon. The test results will be emailed to the boat later that day. The cost is $80.00 to be paid with everything else on Friday. As for a refund I asked and she said there would be a 3% admin fee which...