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    At what age did you switch to the rebreather? (From OC)

    Although I selected over 60, it was more like 59 1/2 :eyebrow: I learned to dive in my late 40s but had so many things going on as I worked up to recreational instructor. I took my Tec40/45/AN/DP mostly to get more time at medium depths (say 100 ft), but then I heard about the magic of Helium...
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    Learning the TG-6

    Again that was just the example I could find. I think I paid $20 for the tray, $20 for the arm mounted trigger, $5 or so for the rails and maybe 5 for the clamps. I did buy my strobe from Backscatter and they shipped it like the minute they got the order and I got it in like 4 days (to the USVI...
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    Learning the TG-6

    The PT-58 does seem to be the same as the PT-59 other then the color. I have had my TG-6 under 4 times in the old case with no issues. Since I had a sealife before (old style) but I didn't like the lock in for their connect system, so I went with the Ball Adapter Ys Mount Light Arm Bracket...
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    Learning the TG-6

    Highhats can be a pain to time correctly, they move pretty quick :D I just picked up the Inon Z-330 Type 2 and it's first dive will be tomorrow's night dive at the Frederiksted Pier. I keep my TG-6 in a PT-58 case, just in case I want to go deeper and a place to hold my lights. Nitescuba ( a...
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    Best USVI diving

    I will say that I enjoyed diving St Croix so much we bought a house and live here full time.
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    Securing Camera during Shore Entries

    When I lived in the states I ensured my old camera with a state farm personal property plan. The wording says it covers flooding, but I'm not sure we defined flooding the same way. Luckily I didn't have to put it to the test.
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    CCR trained… still diving OC?

    I dive OC only when teaching a class (like OW or AOW) or when my lid is in for servicing. I have an APD and I will even dive it on recreational profiles (~50 minutes, 60 FSW depending on the boat). I will even dive my rebreather when I dive the Frederiksted pier @ max depth 45 FSW. The ability...
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    TG-5 won't turn on

    All three batteries are Olympus LI-92B, however I went ahead and bought qa TG-6, so this weekend I'll try that battery to see if that is the problem. It is interesting that when I take one out of the charger (green lights) and put it in and hook up the USB cable I don't get the orange dot by the...
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    TG-5 won't turn on

    I dive with the TG-5 in the PT-058 housing and make sure that everything is dry before removing the camera from the housing. On the last dive I got an error with the memory card. I had taken some pictures topside with no problem. But once I go in the water I got the error. I figured that maybe...
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    Want to Buy Olympus TG-5 or TG-6

    Sorry I wasn't clear, in your post you said that you had checked prices at "used, from a leading online photo store" and I was just asking if you could tell me who sells used equipment online.
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    Want to Buy Olympus TG-5 or TG-6

    Would you mind telling me who has used underwater photo equipment, please?
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    Key Largo Accomodations- Early December

    The last 2 trips down, I stayed at the hampton inn in homestead florida. It was about a 20 minute drive, but it was significantly cheaper and the amenities were great.
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    Searching for the best quarry dive in USA

    It would work, only if they can figure a way to filter the flow (runoff) from the working quarry side. It had SO much mud it was hard to dive. Juturna Springs, which I dove the first year it was open, seems to have everything they need to to open next year. It is too bad that I won't be able...
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    AP Inspiration VS. JJ CCR

    I don't have any experience with the JJ or have I ever dove with someone diving them so I can't compare them. I do really like my inspo, but I did get the 'travel tube' from silent diving so I could use 3 ltr bottles, which with the yellow/black box I couldn't. I have just over a hundred hours...
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    AP Inspiration VS. JJ CCR

    For some reason I thought that my APD 1st stages were APEX, unfortunately I'm not at home, but I thought they like the UST. The repair documents sure seem pretty close.
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