60 year old ER doc, diving since 2005.
May 16
Woodinville, WA
ER doc
Certification Agencies
Dive History
Certified and do the majority of my diving in Puget Sound. But I've been lucky enough to dive in Australia, Hawaii, the BVI, Indonesia, Cozumel and in the caves in Florida and Mexico. The caves have my heart.
Certification History
PADI OW/AOW/Various specialties/Rescue. NAUI Nitrox. DIR-F (finally passed!), GUE Rec Triox (gave up), NAUI Helitrox, TDI Cavern/Intro; GUE Cave 1; UTD Tech 1; NACD Full Cave, PADI DM
Certification Level
Highest? I guess that's my Full Cave cert.
Dive Classification
Just An "Average" Diver
Years Certified
Six - Ten Years
Dive Equipment
I dive a BP/W with a LP 95 for singles, and doubles are LP85s. The singles reg is Hog, and the doubles are SP MK25/S600s. My favorite piece of equipment is my Light Monkey 21W HID light.


Come with me and Peter to the Philippines this fall!
A journal of my open water class (from 2005) can be read here.
Okay, you've heard all our opinions. Want to know what the science is? http://archive.rubicon-foundation.org/
About GUE Fundamentals versus Intro to Tech: "ITT informed me that I was expected to donate my long hose whereas Fundies beat me into actually doing it, thirty times, halfway through shooting an SMB, upside down while swimming backwards in sulphuric acid."
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