Trickie Dickie 99

Diving since 1979/80.

Emigrated to Australia in 1986, living in Tasmania (the triangular island on the SE tip of Aus) since 89.

Took 12 year break from diving 1987-1999, whilst we built a house, raised a family and I gave time to the Australian Army Reserve.

Now in Hobart, in the SE of Tas, with brilliant diving on the Tasman Peninsula and East Coast only 1.5 hrs drive away and some reasonable shore dive sites maybe 10 mins away.
Tasmania, Australia
Local Government officer and provide private consu
Certification Agencies
Biritish Sub Aqua Club, SSI Nitrox, PADI RD.
Dive History
Initially UK waters, Lake District, West of Scotland, Anglesey, Cornwall.

Now, my diving is in Tasmania, which has some of the best temperate diving in the world (temps range from 11 degrees C (Winter) to 18 degrees C (Summer).

Not many wrecks but we have great wild life, sea caverns, spectacular scenery etc Also dived a few times in on Great Barrier Reef.

Diving now is with local independent diving club, which runs a pretty good boat.
Certification History
Not much at all really, just the average joe stuff.
Certification Level
BSAC qualified, Third Class Diver (now BSAC Sport which = PADI AOW + Rescue), SSI EANx, PADI RD.
# of dives
500 - 999
Dive Classification
Experienced Diver
Years Certified
Ten Or More Years
Dive Equipment
Dry suit, of course. Single cylinders 12L steels. 4L aluminium pony and 5.7L pony/bail out/deco. Apeks XTX40, Aqualung Legend, Zeagle Envoy, Oceanic Omegas and Dive-Rite Nomad. Uwatec Tech 2G computer. 4.0M inflatable boat + 30 HP Yamaha o/b; Sea & Sea DX2.
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