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    Maui Dive Buddy

    I will be on Maui till the 22nd of October visiting family. Have my own gear minus tanks and weights. Looking for a shore diving buddy that is familiar with the local dive sites to dive with. If you are interested PM me here. Lets have a blast! My dive bio: 37/M PADI Rescue 60 dives with...
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    Clearing logbook of Cochran Commander

    Thank you. I had a feeling that was the case. No worries, will be sending it in to get upgraded soon anyway.
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    Clearing logbook of Cochran Commander

    Hey everyone, I have a Cochran Commander with the updated Analyst Pro software. Does anyone know how to clear the dives already logged into the computer? I am a new owner and want to clear dives from the previous owner. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    Cochran EMC-16 for $50.00, like taking candy from a kid!

    I have not posted in a long while. This is more of a boast post than anything else and to show the power of ebay. I just bought a Cochran Commander EMC-16 for $50.00! A listing for the dive computer was placed on ebay with the condition listed as for parts not working. The person selling it was...
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    Paramedic Training, Doing My Part, I hope. Medical pros

    I am a paramedic instructor here in Va Beach. We are pretty fortunate, some of our Medical Directors are divers and work the chambers as well. We actually have a Diving/Barotrauma protocol and we do some training in paramedic school on diving. I will say however that the total time that we...
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    Rock Bottom Calculator for Excel

    Sorry gang for not replying faster...been busy at work. Foster, thanks for you suggestion about +1 to the ATM conversion. You are spot on about that. Tortuga68, I like the idea about the N/A for exceeding depth. I didnt do the SS at 5m because I use imperial gauges. I am in the medical...
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    Rock Bottom Calculator for Excel

    Ahh, I the thank you must go to both TSandM and Peter Guy for the awesome cheat sheet. Maybe Peter Guy made the cheat sheet and posted it on TSandM's website? I duuno, it is still awesome info.
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    Rock Bottom Calculator for Excel

    TSandM is a member of this board. She is a super awesome diver that is also a doc. She posts alot and is one of the people who taught me about Rock Bottom.
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    Rock Bottom Calculator for Excel

    Hey Peter Guy, Thank you very much for your response. I totally understand the KISS attitude of Rock Bottom planning. I find nothing wrong with it. I however am a more precision type person, that is kinda what attracts me to diving, there is a science to it. The second reason for making the...
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    Rock Bottom Calculator for Excel

    Hey Gang! I have to learn how to use Excel for work. Not the most enjoyable thing to do. I did attempt to make a Rock Bottom Calculator for Excel. I think its pretty bare bones but it does the job. The plan is to get this document into my trusty Blackberry and take it with me on dives...
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    Sherwood BRUT SRB7100 purge cover

    Hi everyone, I am wanting to get into my Sherwood BRUT second stage prior to sending it out for service. I have read the manual from Frogkick for the SRB5100 BRUT but the purge cover is different on the current model. I was hoping if someone could tell me the best way to take the purge cover...
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    Reef Scuba Reel

    I have a REEF Scuba reel. I forget the model name but I love my reel. It is sturdy and easy to operate.
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    Rock boots - Need alternative got some big feet.
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    Cheap... eBay drysuit undergarments

    Hey everyone, Don't mean to bring up an old thread but what happened to rondel? I don't see any more items for sale under his ebay username? Did he go out of business?
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    Trip report Miss Lindsey 10/10

    Thanks for the diver report! Not the best conditions but at least you dove.
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