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    SOLD!!! Please close thread. Whites drycore fusion tech. Bought please close

    Looking for a Whites Fusion Drycore skin either bullet or tech. L/XL. Please PM if you have one. Ideally someone within Canada or local GTA. Willing to negotiate for shipping from anywhere else.
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    Want to Buy Oval drysuit glove kit and undergarments size medium for cold water.

    Everything I would like is in the title. I live in Toronto, Canada. Local pick up is preferred. Contact me anyways if you have and are wanting to sell. Will.
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    Want to Buy Please delete.

    I am looking to buy some used or new gear. All sizes are from above. I really only cold water dive. Ideally, I would like Fusion boots. The drysuit I have is an Aqua Lung Fusion with the oval SLT for the gloves. Gloves do not have to be waterproof. Will.
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    Username Change Requests

    Can you please change my name to TorontoWill? Thank you in advance, Will.
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    Greetings from Toronto Canada.

    Hello fellow divers, My name is William and I am newer to the sport. Years ago I completed my open water divers course and I stopped diving. About 5 years later I dove with sharks and I was not comfortable diving. This year, I decided that I wanted to try to advance my diving skills and see...
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