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    Rhabdomyolysis in Belize

    Another significant cause of rhabdomyolysis is the use of statins, such as Simvastatin. Perhaps a combination of dehydration and statins could be significant. Here's a link to statin drugs and rhabdomyolysis causation: Rhabdomyolysis from statins: What's the risk? -
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    Marine Life and Cavitation, why dolphins can't swim at their fastest speed

    Thank you Wiki! Source: Wikipedia Cavitation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Marine life: Just as cavitation bubbles form on a fast-spinning boat propeller, they may also form on the tails and fins of aquatic animals. The effects of cavitation are especially important near the...
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    Bonaire - Bad Back?

    Get your buddy to agree to carry your tank to the diving platform, and gear up there. Capt. Don's would be very easy. You merely stand up from the bench, and fall into marine paradise. Often it will be easier to carry 2 tanks (symmetrical load) than 1 tank for your buddy anyway. If you have a...
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    2011 Mexico Cave Calendar

    ordered mine!
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    Reimburse Good Samaritans?

    OP: "Do many grateful survivors have a blind spot and fail to even consider restitution?" OP did not propose, or insinuate, that a lifesaving donor demand payment for equipment and supplies rendered in an incident. The point was awareness by the recipient. If you expend your resources to...
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    Near miss diving doubles for 2nd time

    Nope, I meant self dependent. A self sufficient diver (or mountain climber in Into Thin Air) can depend upon leaders' decisions with disastrous results. Depending (or relying) upon your own locus of control is the way to survive. This is a key lesson learned from the OP's and Jon...
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    Gull Lake Michigan Diver Fatality

    DandyDon: "If you can't get your gear free of entanglement, do try a CESA without it." And carry 2 cutting devices for solo diving. or don't dive.
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    Reimburse Good Samaritans?

    Agreed. There is no one ethical standard. I certainly WOULD attempt to ascertain and reimburse a good samaritan who expended $ to save my life. It would NOT be a requirement, but from my perspective an ethical responsibility.
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    Reimburse Good Samaritans?

    Another thread (closed) had this post re: reimbursement for expenses expended by a good samaritan: "Why should they? I don't think anyone was forced to offer their assistance at the beginning of this thing. They were helping in a situation that is of their expertise." I believe that...
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    Near miss diving doubles for 2nd time

    SmpleGreen, Bottom line....Congrats for surviving and posting such an eloquent tale, that many of us can relate to. Your incident reminds me a bit of 'Into Thin Air'....mountain climbers who were conditioned to obey their leaders....some to their deaths. (Leaders died too). You could have...
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    Near miss diving doubles for 2nd time

    TSandM always provides great posts. I was surprised that after complementing your own training, TSandM, you add: "But my first reaction to reading this story was that all of you should step back and reevaluate your underlying diving skill, and whether you are really ready to step up to...
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    Near miss diving doubles for 2nd time

    The 1st post: "I tried using my wing dump valve to release air, but it did not seem to be working ( it is likely I didn't have the correct orientation for the dump valve to purge properly... I was facing pretty straight up due to the ankle weights)" Note that you were trying to release air...
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    Near miss diving doubles for 2nd time

    Thanks Smplegreen for a rich thread! During your uncontrolled ascent, why didn't you simply dump air from your wing using the inflator/deflator corrugated hose valve? Did you have a buddy on this dive? If so, why didn't you thumb the dive to him, and ascend when you sensed you were in trouble?
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    Near miss diving doubles for 2nd time

    OP wrote: "I signaled to another student that I was having issues, and gave the sign that I wanted to ascend. I then went over the the instructor and did the same. He signaled to wait, as a student was in the middle of an isolation drill." The dive should have ended at the thumb up. Period...
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    General Vortex Incident Discussion

    If this is a hoax (likely), my impression is that he is too immature to remain quiet for long. He is probably still in the U.S. (international flights are expensive and document intensive), and following this thread. It may be a reasonable prediction that Ben will show up with 'amnesia' or...
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