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    Does the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II actually have a decent discrimination?

    Hit their name then hit start conversation
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    Question regarding neutral buoyancy

    Here is a very good series of articles that cover basically everything you need to know Scuba Buoyancy Masterclass
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    Neutral al80’s anyone?

    Steve Martin has a good video on how to setup sidemount cylinders with standard valves. You'll have to subscribe to his website I think to view it though.
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    Dive Rite materials used.

    I notice that a lot of my Dive Rite gear has this plastic material that is semi rigid and has been sewn. I was wondering if you can tell me what this is called? Do you guys manufacture it yourself or supplied elsewhere? I'm wanting to reinforce some pockets in my tool bag and this material...
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    Semi-dry ... purpose?

    Actually the purpose of a semi-dry is to entice you into peeing in it like you would a wetsuit, but stinking the hell out of the boat when you take it off. :wink:
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    Zeagle Express Tech for sidemount?

    Do you intend to take a sidemount course or are you wanting to have a go at it yourself first? If your taking a course the instructor may be able to provide you with a proper kit. That way you can worry about converting your Zeagle afterwards.
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    HELP. YS-D2 discharging batteried when turned off

    Next step is to check voltage drop across the circuits. Isolate where the current is getting through that it shouldn't. But we need a circuit diagram. I've been searching for one online but have had no luck.
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    Blowing off Steam

    Are you lagging behind the group when you have these offers of help? If I'm going diving (or doing any activity for that matter) I'm usually enthusiastic about getting going. As a result I'll try to help anyone who is being slower than the rest. This is usually woman or elderly. I don't think...
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    HELP. YS-D2 discharging batteried when turned off

    Don’t know squat about the YS-d2 but know a bit about electronics. I’d start by eliminating the battery itself as the cause of the issue. They can develop internal faults and/or surface discharge. Start by disconnecting the freshly charged battery and just leave it on the bench. Check the...
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    Anti free flow device

    Also, is she warm? If the temp is making her uncomfortable it may be contributing to faster breathing.
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    Anti free flow device

    How cold are you planning on diving? Have you had free flow issues before? I dive coldish water at times (5 degrees C is the record). I don't have cold water regs or anything and haven't had any issues.
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    Painting Gloves

    strong Bleach?
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    Looking for a sewable semi rigid material

    Thank you for the replies everyone. I don't think anyone has touched on what I'm referring to yet. I was in the dive shop today and they have the Hollis SMS...something... it has a semi rigid plate that I could bend maybe 30 degrees. It had stitching and grommets embedded it it. Anyway here is...
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    Why not treat DCS yourself?

    A lot of the replies here are criticizing the idea that a diver would do DIY treatment instead of going to a chamber. But what about as well as going to a chamber? If you start having symptoms and have a tank of O2 on board you'll obviously use it. But what about going back down a few meters at...
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    Why not treat DCS yourself?

    Hmmm... the link works for me. The documentary is "diving into the unknown". Diving into the Unknown - Documentary Mania
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