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    Hi, if you decide to part out, I may be interested in the D6 2nd and/or 1st stage thanks
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    For Sale All my gear

    Do you still have either of the computers? How much are you asking?
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    Want to Buy Cheap used computer

    Does anybody have a cheap, but still usuable computer they want to sell? A mares puck, for example TIA
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    Want to Buy 3mm Orange seareq (or other) hood

    I am preferably interested in an orange 1 for the added visibility, I'd be interested in seeing what you have though. Could you send me some pic and pricing?
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    Want to Buy 3mm Orange seareq (or other) hood

    Does anybody know where I can get a 3mm hood in orange, to fit a 59cm head? Seareq only has size S available and is out of neoprene to make more, if anybody has a size L used or knows where I can get 1 please let me know. Im also happy to entertain other brands, but Im not looking for a 7mm+...
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    Deep 6 Eddy vs Scubapro Go Sport

    Apart from comfort, how did you rate the performance of the 2 fins, both in scuba and any other activities you used them in?
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    Deep 6 Eddy vs Scubapro Go Sport

    Do you ever freedive with the Eddys, how does that work out for you? What size/color fin do you have (in the go sports)?
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    Deep 6 Eddy vs Scubapro Go Sport

    I am looking at buying one of these pairs of fins. I want a fin to travel with (so I can't bring multiple pairs), I am looking something that will perform very well in scuba (especially frog kicks), but will also perform adequately for snorkeling and CASUAL freediving. I am also open to other...
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    XL Hollis F1 & Dive Rite XT Fins

    Are you selling the Eddys too?
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    SOLD!!! 2 Puck Pro's$ 45 each or 80 for both +shipping

    Just checking on the off chance these didn't sell
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    Want to Buy Eddy XL fins Orange

    Hi, does anybody have a pair of Eddy XL fins in orange they want to sell?
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    Want to Buy XL Fins - Hollis F1 LT/ Deep6 Eddy / OMS Slipstream

    How do the slip streams compare to the eddy fins?
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    Want to Buy Deep 6 thick boots size 12

    Well it turns out they did have 12s, I've dived them a couple of times now (wet). They work great; comfortable to swim and walk in (I also use them for river sports, reasonable grip on slippery surfaces). On one dive a fin did come off (they don't have any bumb to retain the strap), but I'm not...
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