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    Canon wide angle options

    I had a smaller wideangle port before changing to the 8" and there is a significant difference in the corner sharpness. It is more noticeable the closer the shots and the more is "going on" in the corners of the shot, so the trick with the smaller port was shots like the shark pick earlier in...
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    Canon wide angle options

    Soft edges is an issue with wideangle dome ports, especially more compact ones. Im not familiar with the SL2, but I have a 7D with an Ikelite housing myself. The 8" dome port is better with regards to corners than the smaller ones, but its still noticeable, especially on close shots.
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    Post your last gear purchase

    Is there supposed to be something wrong with a camera obsession now?? :o
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    Power inflator malfunction stats?

    You kinda need to put failures like this in relation to number of dives or hours in the water for it to make much sense especially as a lot of people on scubaboard has A LOT of dives. That being said - I've seen it ONCE and it was in my very early days of diving (infact on my AOW training). I...
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    Holy carp that's one old shark...

    I came across something interesting in the news today (for a change), so I did a quick google for the english version and I did indeed find what I was looking for... 400-year-old Greenland shark is the oldest vertebrate animal
  6. Ales...


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    Does this happen everywhere?

    Now his is actually, alhough not very politely put, quite true. I HAVE dived with a handful of asian divers (and even an indian female) that was infact just as good as any other diver, and even according to THEM asian divers tend to suck :o
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    Why are lights prohibited at some dive sites?

    Soo... Im not allowed to use a focus light to get a picture of that little critter in the shadow behind the rock because I dont have a cave cert? Sounds reasonable - OR NOT
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    Affidavit of Experience

    I did indeed
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    Affidavit of Experience

    Most people with that kind of experience know someone that would gladly sign them off as well tbh...
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    How many exposure suits does it take?

    Hands down, drysuit. For the temprature range (and land tempratur range), I think a trilam suit would be more suitable than neoprene due to the fact that neoprene get bloody hot in the summer (I do have experience with neoprene drusuit, I dive the same same conditions and a hot summer day...
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    Affidavit of Experience

    Liability is a bitch...
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    how deep max. when diving solo?

    Hey, if were going up at a fast rate and skipping the safety stop anyways, you don't really need gas the last 60 ft anyways, as you can just CESA it... (Yeah, still not my favourite plan)
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    Why dive blind ????…

    Why not? Its not like my eyes help me much when I dive in a complete siltout anyways :p
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    Benefit of Nitrox?

    And this is how the debate of "altitude tents" in professional sports became a big controversy in the early 2000s, as some considered it "artifical" while others consider it nothing but saving expenditures for travel. WADA afaik does not consider it to be cheating and there is of course also a...
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