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    DECEMBER 2019 - Triton Bay & Raja Ampat

    Ha, be aboard the Tambora. That got cut I guess.
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    DECEMBER 2019 - Triton Bay & Raja Ampat

    Images from beautiful Triton Bay in East Indonesia near Raja Ampat. | Photography by TIM ROCK Join Tim Rock & Simon Pridmore We had a longtime guest couple have to cancel due to an illness in the family so we still have a couple of openings for our December Tim Rock & Simon Pridmore led 2019...
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    Diving Indonesia in January

    It was done as a 600 DPI EPS file. Then converted to 300 DPI JPG file. No lo res involved. It is a proper e-book that opens in all Apple format e-book readers. I am glad you got re-imbursed. Again, there is a print version so with that you don't need to worry about how much K your computer has...
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    Diving Indonesia in January

    This was already addressed in your same posting on Blurb. Here's what I replied there so you know as I guess you didn't check back:Actually Rahul, the book was created as a print book in Quark Express. Blurb does not have a conversion process for this program, only for InDesign. So to create an...
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    June 2016 - Damai 1 to North Raja Ampat - Wayag, Gam and More!!

    Visit North Raja Ampat for 2016 June 28 thru July 5, 2016 On beautiful and luxurious Damai 1 with photojournalist Tim Rock, start and leave in Sorong for North Raja Ampat. It is a 7-night trip, into late June, so we will concentrate in the north part of Raja Ampat, diving Kri, Penemu, Gam...
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    Trip Report: Raja Ampat on Tambora and at Papua Paradise in June and July (long)

    Thanks for the very informative trip report Reuben. It was a pleasure to dive with you and your family once again and exchange photo banter at the camera tables. It appears the new D7200 is working well. I like your Arborek Jetty scad school and the huge orange soft corals are indeed reminiscent...
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    Cenderawasih Bay in July 2015 - Whale Sharks - room open

    We have had a stateroom open up on the Damai 1 for whale sharking and a full week of diving in Cenderawasih Bay in Indonesia's Western Papua. Probable Itinerary: Day 1: Catalina Sea Plane, Padaido – Biak Rock Islands – The Cave & Salmon Point Day 2: Peninsular coastal sites to...
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    Swim with Humpbacks in TONGA - Sept 2015 - Extra Day Added

    One more whale day!!!! We have extended our last humpback whale trip in Ha'apai, Tonga, with photojournalist and Tonga veteran TIM ROCK and the very experienced crew of the catamaran Wildlife by one day. We have 2 spaces left for Sept 21 thru 28. We also have 2 spaces for the Sept 12 thru 18...
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    Updates on Whale Sharks, Humpback Whales and Raja Ampat

    And we are definitely looking foward to diving and dining with you again!!
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    Updates on Whale Sharks, Humpback Whales and Raja Ampat

    This is just to update our previously posted 2015 trips with photojournalist Tim Rock and author Simon Pridmore to Raja Ampat for great fish action, with photojournalist Tim Rock to Cenderawasih Bay for whale sharks, wrecks, reefs and macro and with photojournalist Tim Rock to Ha'apai, Tonga for...
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    Swim with Humpbacks in TONGA - Sept 2015 - Sailboat Charter

    SWIM with HUMPABCKS in the HA’APAI ISLANDS of TONGA Join Tim Rock’s privately chartered 50-foot catamaran yacht to cruise the stunning Ha’apai Islands in Tonga in search of humpback whales, marine mammals, manta rays and stunning coral gardens. Tim will offer three charters with experts...
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    ALL RAJA AMPAT - 2 Spaces left June 27 thru July 6, 2015

    Join Tim Rock & Simon Pridmore - Raja Ampat with Tim & Simon on the Tambora JUNE 27 thru July 6, 2015 Over the past few years we have done a number of exploratory trips starting, ending or passing through Raja Ampat; some of which itineraries, we are proud to say, have now become...
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    Whale Shark Special - Cenderawasih Bay - July 10-17, 2015 - Damai

    Spend a week in fantastic Cenderawasih Bay visiting all the top sites, seeing special endemics and diving with whale sharks aboard the Damai 1. WHALE SHARKS July 2015 with TIM – 2 Spaces left!!! Join Tim Rock for a great...
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    Ternate to Sorong Sept 2014 - Available space

    We have a couple of spaces left on our Halmahera adventure. Leave Sept 13, 2014 from Ternate. Tim Rock & Simon Pridmore 2014 Trip to INDO, “Long Tales, Tall Shadows”!!! Aboard the beautiful Tambora!! Great Macro, Exploration, Wrecks, Amazing Reefs Halmahera has incredible biodiversity, is...
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    Tonga Humpback Whales trip

    We've got 2 spaces left on a Oct 7 -15th trip to Ha-Apai, Tonga. This is snorkeling only, twin share on the catamaran Wildlife. Only 4 people so you get to see the whales every drop. Write me at: Web page: Tonga HUMPBACKS for 2013 | Guam & Micronesia Dive Travel :)
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