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    User Groups Reorganization

    As most of you know, we are working on a major upgrade to the software and servers that ScubaBoard runs on. Unfortunately, the User Group Management add-on software is no longer compatible. As a result, we are forced to significantly reduce the number of Joinable User Groups. All other groups...
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    Garibaldi and friends are no longer with us

    Reports are accumulating from knowledgeable sources inside the dark recesses of ScubaBoard's bunker that a populist revolt has occurred. Garibaldi, Angelfish, Nassau Grouper, et al have been banished and are now hiding in permanent exile at undisclosed dive sites around the world. Rumors...
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    A New Experiment: Member Suggested Indexes

    ScubaBoard has always been filled with questions, answers, suggestions, ideas, and entertaining repartee. OK, there is also little bickering but there can be useful information imbedded there as well. The challenge is finding the information you want within our nearly 500 forums, almost 575,000...
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    Learning Zone Special Rules

    Learning Zone Special Rules ScubaBoard Staff has designated a number of forums as Learning Zones, which are subject to these special rules: :FAQmember: Learning Zones are intended to be very friendly, both flame and snark free. :FAQmember: Members of all skill levels may ask questions without...
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    Info Index: Dive Gear Parts & Tools

    reserved for expansion (more can be added later)
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    Info Index: Dive Gear Parts & Tools

    Save a Dive Kits What's in your Save-a-dive kit? Maintenance Manuals Regulator Manuals ( Vintage Manuals & Catalogs contributed by @Akimbo Scubapro Manuals Scubapro G260 2nd stage service manual...
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    Info Index: Dive Gear Parts & Tools

    Introduction This thread is a little different than normal. ScubaBoard Staff will continuously edit it by adding links to posts as members bring them to our attention. Your suggestions can be to posts anywhere on ScubaBoard or fully contained in a reply below. Links are organized under major...
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