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Texas Torpedo
Last Activity:
Jul 14, 2021
Mar 19, 2009
Likes Received:
January 18
College Station, Texas
New Media - Online Communities

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Texas Torpedo

Pollo Grande Tejano!, Male, from College Station, Texas

ScubaBoard Supporter
Texas Torpedo was last seen:
Jul 14, 2021
    1. capt.bill
      I sent a message saying I 'd like to buy the wing. Di you receive it?
      1. Texas Torpedo
        Texas Torpedo
        Hi Capt. I saw an email notification of it but just got in front of the computer. Will PM you in a few. Thanks!
        Feb 22, 2017
    2. suprane
      How are you doing David? I was so sorry to hear about your accident. Truly a totally freak accident! God, you just never realize how your life can change in an instant. I am still confident that you will get past this and be able to put it behind you. It is really good to see that you are able to post some now on SB.. You need to know that there is not a single day that goes by that you are not in my thoughts and prayers. I know that this was an incredibly horrific occurance in your life and I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it is for you! But I am convinced there will come a time when it will all be over and you will be back in the game!
      Please continue to keep us informed of your progress.
      1. Texas Torpedo likes this.
      2. Texas Torpedo
        Texas Torpedo
        Hi my friend! Thanks for your kind words.. And sorry for my incredibly late response. I never saw it until now. My 5 year anniversary of the accident is in 3 days and I plan to post about it. I'm doing really good. I hope you are as well! Hopefully we'll be able to meet up and dive together in the near future..
        Feb 22, 2017
    3. suprane
      Well! After contacting the moderator about WSOPFan, it appears they pulled your post that suggested blocking him! They however missed my post in which I quoted yours and suggested everybody block him!
      It also appears they have pulled all of his comments! The little prick! I would love to know more about who he really is!
      Anyhow, maybe some civility will return to the thread now!
    4. suprane
      I sent a message to the moderators expressing my concern about WSOPFAN's inappropriate remarks on this thread and the ill feelings he was creating!

      I have also sent him (WSOPFAN) two PM's. One a couple of days ago telling him to cease his comments before he pissed everyone off! And then one just now saying that he was obviously too stupid to listen to anyone's advise!

      Good idea about blocking him! I certainly will and hope everyone else will!

      Are you still on the island or back in the states?... Keep in touch!

    5. Texas Torpedo
      Texas Torpedo
      That is in Eagles Nest Sink
    6. ladyarkles
      Love the new profile photo, which cave is that in?
    7. Texas Torpedo
      Texas Torpedo
      The hair has grown back a bit but I'm about to clipper it off again.. Much more easy to get my mask strap situated, ya know?

      Thailand sounds GREAT!
    8. ladyarkles
      Look at all that kit .... and hair!! LOL
      Can't wait to get to Thailand and get wet again.
      Will be thinking of you (not)
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  • About

    January 18
    College Station, Texas
    New Media - Online Communities
    Certification Agencies:
    Dive History:
    Cozumel - All the tourists sites and a few other really good ones Ops don't usually go.
    Cenote Diving - Dos Ojos, The Pit, Tajma-Ha, Grand Cenote, Car Wash, Chuk Mul, Dream Gate, Ponderosa, and Aerolito on Cozumel
    Diving with Whale Sharks off of Isla Mujeres

    Pompano Beach shore diving.
    Panama City Beach Jetty Diving
    Key Largo - Duane, Spiegle Grove, Bibb, Molases & French Reefs.
    Key West - Vandenberg and some reef not really worth seeing.
    Dry Tortugas via the Spree
    Oriskany Tech charter aboard the Spree

    Florida Springs -
    Vortex, Ginnie, Devils, Hudson Gratto, Eagles Nest, Jackson Blue, Twin, Hole In The Wall, Jug, Little River, Peacock, Morrisson.

    Blue Lagoon, Mammoth Lake, Clear Springs Scuba Park, Comal River, Lake Somerville, Lake Bryan (lol).
    Lake Travis: Windy Points Public & Private, Oasis Wall, Shaker Plant, Old Scuba Park, Starns Island, Volente House Boat

    SB Invades Key Largo 09', SB Vortoberfest 09', SB Invades Cozumel 11'
    Certification History:
    -PADI OW - April 09' - Phil Riggs - Texan Scuba - Huntsville, TX
    -SSI AOW thru "Master Diver" - July 09' - Mike Ange, Bill Stone & Pete "NetDoc" Murray - SeaDuction "Master Diver University" Key Largo, FL
    -Cavern / Intro - Nov 09' - Mike Ange - High Springs, FL
    -SSI XTR Dec 09' - March 10' Tech, Tech Wreck - Mike Ange - Hudson, FL. & Key West, FL.
    -NACD Cavern / Intro - June 2011 - Rob Neto - Chipola Divers - Marianna, FL.
    -TDI Solo - Rob Neto
    -NACD Full Cave - Oct 2011 - German Yanez - Cozumel, MX.
    -NACD Sidemount / ADv. Cave Sidemount - Jan 2012 - Rob Neto - Marianna, FL.
    -NACD Cave DPV - Jan 2012 - Rob Neto - Little River & Devil's in High Springs, FL.
    Certification Level:
    Junior OW
    # of Logged Dives:
    500 - 999
    Dive Classification:
    Technical Diver
    Years Certified:
    Six - Ten Years
    Dive Equipment:
    -Halcyon Infinity Singles System - Steel Back Plate
    -Halcyon 55# Explorer Doubles System - Aluminum Back Plate
    -Dive Rite Nomad XT Side-mount & BM Rig

    -Poseidon Xstreem Deep Regs x2
    -Dive Rite Deco Regs x2
    -HOG Regulators x8 (Stage, Deco, Backup)
    -Scuba Pro MK25 & s600
    -Oceanic FDX-10 & Delta 4 Reg (Loaner for friends)

    -Shearwater Perdix AI
    -Liquivison X1's x2
    -Liquivision XEO (sold)
    -Uwatec Galileo SOL (sold)
    -Uwatec Bottom Timers

    -Lamar English 35watt HID "Light Saber"
    -Light Monkey 12w Side-mount light
    -Intova Backup lights x 6
    -Green Underwater Laser

    -Waterproof Wetsuits (shortie 3mm, long 3mm & 5mm), gloves, hoods, etc.
    -Seac Warmdry 4mm neoprene drysuit
    -White's Fusion Bullet Drysuit w/Light Monkey P-valve, rings, undergarments, etc. (Sold)

    Other "tools"
    - Dive Xtra's Cuda 650 DPV "scooter"
    - Atomic Ultraclear masks
    - Mares Quattro Fins
    - Variety of spearguns & hawaiian lionfish killers
    Rebreather Experience:
    • Cis-Lunar


    Lionfish Kills to date: 240 (last updated: 12/15/11)


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