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    TSandM -- Lynne Flaherty

    The diving community and all that knew her are deeply sadden by this tragic loss. I know I certainly will.
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    Tool chests doubling as dive bags - your experience w/ Catalina?

    Many of us have the Stanley or Husky brand rolling tool chests and now Catalina Express is making us keep them under 60#. Last weekend, for the clean-up dive they made us empty them until they were under the 60# number. We were supposed to put the extra gear in our back-packs but 99% of the...
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    Sea serpent found off Catalina, California!

    That's one huge fish! I'd love to see one - living - when I dive Catalina.
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    Have a ball, a mantis shrimp ball.

    Beautiful! Thanks for posting them, I needed it!
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    RIP Quero

    Truly a loss. She will be missed.
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    Location of drysuit dump valve

    I absolutely agree. My lovely bride has a Fusion and I dive the Catalyst, we both dive with the valve wide open.
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    Is there any reason to do a Nitrox 'course'?

    First, I like Nitrox. I also think that you should get certified because there are some risks that you need to clearly understand.
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    Help - getting my certification near Claremont, California

    Ditto - Sharkys will not disappoint
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    Citizen 20th Anniversary Aqualand Eco-Drive Edition

    True, it is not a computer but I don't think it was ever represented as one. I find it easy to use diving for depth, dive time and clocking my stops.
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    Citizen 20th Anniversary Aqualand Eco-Drive Edition

    This is not a watch but it does record and download data. DiveNav - Products - bluebuddy I still use my Citizens on every dive. Love it.
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    Diver discovers torpedo off SCI

    From the movie Hunt for Red October: Ambassador Andrei Lysenko: One of our submarines, an Alfa, was last reported in the area of the Grand Banks. We have not heard from her for some time. Dr. Jeffrey Pelt: Andrei, you've lost another submarine?
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    Who is going to the Long Beach Scuba Show - June 8-9, 2013

    We will be there Saturday morning, diving Catalina Dive Park Sunday.
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    Diving with Sharks at La Jolla Cove

    GWS have been around SoCal waters for a long time. I'm just glad they are not hungry when I dive. - So Far. Nice Video BTW. Thanks for posting it.
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    Chamber Day & Eve 2013 -open for business!!!

    It's a great cause but for me, I'm happy giving them money but I don't even want to see the thing - ever. ;)
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    Salps do it two ways.

    Thanks for another terrific post Merry!
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