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    Blue Heron Bridge Fishing

    To answer your comment with the picture of Abernethy's Shear Water in another thread, where I was blocked from posting: The boat is in the area that the Force-E map designates as "no scuba diving". So dive there at your own risk if you wish but do not complain about boats.
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    Kona dive op for Young diver?

    Jack is overpriced, in my opinion. So I'd vote for Kona Honu. BTW, if this matters for you (it did matter for me), they open their shop 1 hr before everybody else.
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    Scuba in Squid Game

    The pressure in propane tanks is only 100-200 Psi, compared to 3,000 Psi in scuba tanks. So I don't know how fair such comparison is.
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    New fin recommendations?

    If you want heavy fins, get something made of black rubber, like my current Tusa X-Pert Zoom Z3. This topic was discussed already back in 2008.
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    Blue Heron Bridge Trolls III

    East (Singer Island) side. If you go far enough north you'll find it. I've checked it on Saturday, they are all there.
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    Blue Heron Bridge Trolls III

    This is northside.
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    Blue Heron Bridge Trolls III

    Did you get to the pier where the schools of Spadefish, Chubs and Snook hang? My favorite spot on the east side.
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    Blue Heron Bridge Trolls III

    I'd say, the current may be too strong. They are not active swimmers and have way more surface area than Scorpionfish. They are probably dragged away by their huge fins and spines.
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    Diving with Sharks Takes off from the marina next to Blue Heron Bridge to the Bahamas. Takes 10 divers. Guaranteed Reef, Lemon, Nurse and Tiger sharks. Hammerheads maybe.
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    Shark diving

    Thanks :)
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    Shark diving

    We did this dive later, in November 2019. Will do it again if I have a chance.
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    Shark diving

    There are 2 kinds of diving with sharks. One, it is when you dive in a group with several DMs who feed the sharks and also have aluminum pipes to push away those sharks that get too agitated. And two, it's when you are on a solo dive and a Tiger comes up to check you out and circles you couple...
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    Ever wonder why your carry on gets searched

    I got used to gear inspection and swabs but what irritates me is that they pat me on thighs and shoulders every time I exit the look through machine.
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    Shark diving

    Who is running such tours?
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