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    Folly Cove Video

    Nice video! Looks like pretty good vis for a shore dive! What Temps do you have in the summer time?
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    How old were you when you started diving?

    I was 19. It was Spring of my Freshman year 1982 at UW - River Falls.
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    CO2 Blackout

    In the book "Caverns Measureless to Man" there is a great story of two divers trying to set a depth record in the Bahamas. The safety divers goes deeper than planned and one of them passes out, and his buddy begins taking him to the surface. After about 100ft ascent, or so, the rescuer passes...
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    Photo of fossilized scallop

    I use Aquatic Safaris, and think they are a great outfit: Shop, Boat and Crew! The best teeth seem to be lying right at the surface, surrounded by whale ribs. They are heavily encrusted with barnacles and such, but that comes off easy enough! I need to try Murrel's Inlet sometime, what operator...
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    Photo of fossilized scallop

    Lee, Nice collection! I've had good luck diving for fossils off-shore of Wilmington, NC. Have you been up there yet? I hope you had good dives this weekend! Terry K
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    Shallow Water Computer?

    You could mark 1 ft or 0.5 ft intervals on the line to your dive flag or carry a 5ft stick mark in 1ft increments. Low tech solution but it would work. In groundwater studies we use transducers that have accuracy to tenths of a foot, some to the hundredths, but the data recorders and...
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    What are the best cave dives in Florida?

    I don't remember Paradise having much of a cave system. Though I only dove it once back in the '90s. You may enjoy diving Telford more on Thursday and then 2 days at Peacock, as UCFdiver suggested, there's definitely 2 days worth of diving at Peacock.
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    aggressive sharks on decompression stop

    Here is the article I think you are talking about. Its a great read, and about a diver weighing the risks between sharks and deco.
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    Peacock is clearing!

    Thanks for the dive report!
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    Cave Diving On Nova (PBS) TONIGHT: Tuesday, February 9th, 7PM Central

    Really great program - enjoyed the focus on the archeology and geology discoveries as much as the incredible UW videography!
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    Blue Planet

    The Blue Planet Series is really incredible! I grew up watching the Jacques Cousteau documentaries, which sparked my fascination with diving and oceanography. The Blue Planet series is extremely well done, and will surely capture the imagination of the next generation.
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    Scuba Etiquette: Tipping?

    I think 10% of the charter per person is a good minimum, with 20% at the upper end.
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    Scooters used in Meg tooth hunting

    Are you diving the Cooper River or areas around Hilton Head? I've heard of divers having good finds near Hilton Head the last few years. I also know a local diver who said he found some great fossil beds on the Edisto, but he never said where exactly!
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    Lp108s for someone 6'6"?

    I've been diving double 112/108 LP Fabers for the past 10 years (ocean & caves) and love everything about them - buoyancy, trim, weight, and size. I wouldn't consider anything else - Worthington tanks are boat anchors! BTW - I'm 5'8" (1.73m) and 185lbs (84.1Kg), so you should have no problem...
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    HMS Victory

    Does anyone have more information or stories about the recent discovery of the HMS Victory? I found the stories below, but was looking for more info. Discovery of HMS Victory stirs controversy - On Deadline - Wreck of HMS Victory found in English Channel - Los Angeles Times
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