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    TSandM -- Lynne Flaherty

    I am in total shock over this loss. My sincere condolences to Peter, I am so sorry. And to her friends and family. And to this board, who has suffered a tremendous loss and a voice silenced far too soon. Rest in peace, Lynn, and know you touched so many people.
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    I will be in Key Largo Sep 20 to 28

    Hi there! I'm the office manager at Rainbow. We'll be excited to see you on your trip! All of our dives are guided, so you will be able to relax and enjoy yourself. Is your wife interested in snorkeling/bubble watching at all? Let us know and we can accommodate that. Lots of great restaurants...
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    A sun Sentinel Reporter Tells of his near miss.

    I think it sounds like he should have dropped his weights and done a safe ascent. I don't see any life threatening event here and his description sounds like typical newspaper melodrama to me. For the amount of time he says he's been diving, this should have been a non-event and if it seemed...
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    Reefmaster Mini impressions

    I have the brand new model. I agree about the purple cast although it's easier for me to deal with that than the deep blues and greens of the olympus I was shooting. You'll have some sort of compromise on color at this price point and minus the strobe, which I accept and can work with.
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    SeaLife Mini II

    I started a thread with a review, but thought I'd share a few photos here if anyone is interested. I tried mine out today for the first time and it took great photos. I could see my screen just fine (it's a bit dimmer than my Olympus 1030SW but I could still see it fine to line up shots) and...
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    Reefmaster Mini impressions

    Hello- I saw there were a few people asking about the Reefmaster Mini and what kind of results to expect, so I wanted to post here and give my first impressions for anyone who finds it useful. I've been diving for a few years and have been shooting with an Olympus 1030SW in that time. I got...
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    gigeddy.... test

    yadda yadda still testing
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    gigeddy.... test

    yadda yadda photo test <a href="" title="bigpillar by suzettetruesdell, on Flickr"><img src="" width="500" height="375" alt="bigpillar"></a>
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    Being left to dive solo

    Our dive shop provides a group DM/guide in the water but I make sure when people make their reservations that they understand it is a GROUP guide, not a private guide. If you don't have a buddy with you and need/want a guide, I suggest hiring a private guide, as you can get away from the group...
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    British Instructor feared drowned in Thai scuba-diving incident

    80 meters? Is that a typo or was it a tech dive of some sort?
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    Key Largo weather tomorrow and Friday

    Hi Brian! Hope you're well. If it were me, I'd honestly stay away tomorrow. I think it's going to be nasty out there, I really do. If you have the option of coming another weekend, I would. Take care! Suzette RRDC
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    Key Largo Water Temperature and Wetsuit Thickness

    Agreed- I work at a local shop and dive year round- the most I usually wear is a full 3, especially for late October- the water should still be quite nice then. Happy diving! Maybe I'll see you out there :)
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    A great time to visit the History of Diving Museum

    Wonderful, I'll post a notice up at our marina! Suzette at Rainbow Reef Dive Center
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    Diving in the Keys since the oil spill

    In the interest of disclosure, I work for Rainbow Reef. The diving here has been nothing short of spectacular this summer. I logged about 40 dives (in between work shifts!) and saw some seriously amazing things. No oil effects whatsoever here, thankfully. November is a nice time to dive...
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    Diving Speigel Grove without Nitrox...

    Agreed- from a planning perspective you're assuming you'll be at 120', when in reality that's very nearly to the sand and you won't see anything there. I did the Spiegel last week and really watched my computer- I was at 90' to 100' the entire time. We (my buddy and I) did a 3 minute stop at...
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