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    Ethical Question?

    OP: What DID you decide to do? FWIW I think you should tell the LDS you had to find it elsewhere. Keep the item you purchase from Best Buy (or similar retailer). It would be wrong to swap the items even though you are claiming loyalty to the LDS.
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    First Liveaboard trip - what to take, what to leave behind, what to know?

    Lots of great advice! I agree with you'll need half the clothes you think you do. If you need pants, try and get some that don't drag the ground. This will help you avoid a problem I have called Puddle Creep. I'm short, so when my pants touch the ground, they absorb every single drop of water to...
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    Hello, great white shark fan

    OP: Our trip was pretty good, but the going out and especially the coming back in was rough. I would absolutely recommend preparing with some sea-sickness meds. The water was BEAUTIFUL and clear and the crew was nice. We saw at least 4 sharks in our 3 diving days, some returning each day. We...
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    FINALLY !!!!!! I finally did it..... OW Certification is complete!!!

    congratulations! sounds like you have lots of fun planned for the future!
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    DEMA - Vegas! Who's coming? Besides Netdoc...?

    Will be there in booth 1374. Can't wait to see everyone. We are staying at the Tuscany Inn and Suites since they have trailer/bus parking.
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    May Be a Silly Question...but Liveaboards and Seasickness?

    I was given some ginger pills on a trip where I had used the patch and bonine and been pretty sick. The ginger pills worked great! Now I even purchase Ginger Gum (near the Dramamine in a CVS pharmacy) and take it to amusement parks and even on car rides.
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    Close call in the dressing room

    one of my favorite threads to come back and visit!
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    Hello, great white shark fan

    We are heading out wiht Great White Shark Adventures at the end of this week on their Guadalupe, Mexico trip. However they do offer one day offshore to the Fallaron Islands. You can even bring someone as a topside observer. I cannot vouch for them yet, but will let you know when we return. Check...
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    The Song Game

    Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
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    The Song Game

    Angel of the Morning- Juice Newton
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    Dive models wanted

    You know, I'm glad you revived this thread. The girl half of the team forgot how nice it was for her (me)!! Oh and, "Go Granma with your Bad Self!!"
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    DEMA Hotel Suggestions

    We have decided on the Rosen.--It's not parking a CAR that's the problem. It's parking the TRAILER that's the problem. I called the front desk and made sure they had a space for our trailer. They sent me to security. Security ASSURED me they have parking for trailers (which means back 40, plenty...
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    Surface Interval Clothing will be at the BAD Market/Expo Oct 8, 2011 -ClearLake, TX

    Bay Area Divers SCUBA club of Clear Lake Houston, Texas diving club home page for dive trips, presentations and events Forgot to link to the BAD page.
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    The Song Game

    Season of the Witch - Donovan (or Hole does a cover).
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    Surface Interval Clothing will be at the BAD Market/Expo Oct 8, 2011 -ClearLake, TX

    Surface Interval Clothing will be at the BAD Market/Expo Sat Oct 8, 2011. This market is great for those close to the Houston Area! Held at Landolt Pavilion in Clear Lake, off of Nasa Rd (toward Seabrook/Kemah). The expo is from 10-4. Looking forward to seeing our fans and meeting...
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