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    SuPrBuGmAn still around?

    I'm in Tallahassee now, but I ain't dead yet
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    Whiskey Wreck like you've never seen it, or Get your A$$ to Gulf Shores!

    Haven't checked SB in awhile, went home for Thanksgiving and the gulf looked awesome. Didn't bring dive gear though :( did stop by Down Under and spoke with Bryan a bit, he said the same thing about the Whiskey. They also put some "No boating" markers around the wreck so the jet ski biz wouldn't...
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    Credit where credit is due

    LOL, I just saw this! :D I almost never log into SB anymore.
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    Fatality at Wacissa River Big Blue cave - Florida

    Body has been recovered.
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    Fatality at Wacissa River Big Blue cave - Florida

    J Joshua Cox is the OW divers name, not cave certified. UPDATE: Body of missing diver found in Jefferson County - WTXL ABC 27 The body should be extricated by the end of the day. There's less than 200' of cave there.
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    Robotic camera system in flooded cave

    Thats pretty cool, I bet with some more lighting it could be fantastic.
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    Whiskey wreck, Gulf Shores, Al 7/1

    If you follow the direction of the starboard side hull and you can start running into some of the other sections of wreck as soon as 20'(if the sandbar is washed out good) or as far as 60-100' to reach the higher portions of relief that might be out of the sand in times when the sand is washed in.
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    Whiskey wreck, Gulf Shores, Al 7/1

    Sounds like there is still enough relief to have a good dive, I miss the Whiskey! Thanks for the report
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    REEF OBA First Impressions

    Dive shop owners, please ejumacate your tank monkeys. Thanks! :)
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    Creating a jetty

    I think its a great idea :) Check out OAR also, they may be able to help with this. OAR | Organization for Artificial Reefs: Building a Future for Marine Recreation in the Florida Big Bend
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    Whiskey saturday?

    Howd it go?
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    Visiting Destin Area

    Your closest options are St Andrews Jetties and Destin Jetties(possibly the pier rubble in San Destin?).
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    Shore Diving in Panhandle of Florida

    Pickens, Pensacola Beach Pier Rubble, the concrete christmas trees off by Portofino, and Destin Jetties are some great dives.
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    So You Want To Be A Spearfisher?

    I use steel cable :P
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    So You Want To Be A Spearfisher?

    This is a location specific subforum.
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