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    Ascending to a lost boat - what should you do?

    I swear I'm going to get one of these things... 20' tall should do it. My only concern is blacking out while I'm blowing it up, so I guess I'll sidemount a spare 80 just for that purpose. :)
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    Out of air incident

    As an aside, you aren't ready for cave diving, in my humble opinion.
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    Is this normal? New wetsuit with 7 dives tearing at the collar

    Of course it's not "normal" and it's pretty hard to take a wetsuit off without pulling on it. Better suits will typically have a strip of nylon along the edge to prevent that kind of damage. By comparison, my Pinnacle Aquatics 3mm is perhaps 7 years old and has about 200 dives on it (I only wear...
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    Perdix AI AA Battery

    Great info. I've always used lithium batteries in my Petral and Perdix computers and never had any issues. I don't pull the batteries in quiet times, but maybe I'll start!
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    Avelo--I guess there's no need for me to recommend fundies anymore....

    I was about to say "good luck getting it filled" but your comment trumps mine... ;-)
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    Stealth Travel Bag

    I suspect there's a higher risk of hockey gear being pilfered than SCUBA gear, but maybe that's just a Canada thing. ;-) I use one of the updated lighter weight Akona Roller bags. It's significantly lighter than the original but hasn't lost any of the features I liked. I doubt "Akona" means...
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    Help! Big Ooops on Roatan

    Duct tape is basically like a stuck af cam band. Just use the same tank all week, or buy a few rolls of it. Honestly, just go with the rental. I didn't have a downsouth bcd of any kind for years after my old ScubaPro Stab Jacket exploded, so I'd just rent one and save the grief.
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    Back in the Water

    Welcome back Trace and I have to say, I feel like my head would have exploded in that situation. I hope that your recovery continues. Your tale about the hospital is bizarre. And that a lawyer wouldn't take on your case is equally bizarre. It would have been fascinating to see how the Doctors...
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    Oxygen poisoning seizure > how to react ?

    I don't think there is any response to this situation that's likely to result in the proverbial happy ending.
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    Recommend Redundant Air Supply Tank Size & Setup for Solo

    I've used everything from 13 to 80s, but by far, a 40 is most used. You mentioned that eventually you'll get into tec, so I suggest a 40 as this is most common. The tuck in nicely and are less cumbersome topside than an 80. A smaller bottle will eventually end up in a box in the garage.
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    Shearwater Repair - Dive-tronix

    Shearwater service is legendary here in Canada, so nice to see it in other parts of the world as well!
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    For Sale 2022 Reefs and Wrecks Calendar!

    I'll post a few spreads here for you to take a peek at! Cost is $26 US/CDN mailed to your door byDecember 1 or so... and them make great stocking stuffers for Christmas or for a club or shop! (Great discount for lots of 10 or more!)
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    Gay colours?

    Back in the day, black rubber was thought to last much longer than coloured rubber. My personal experience was with several Viking drysuits... black definitely outlasted orange suits by a lot. I have no idea if this is relevant now or not, but that's how it started.
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    Question Backup dive computer

    Indeed... hence my comment about having the backup with you so it's tracking residual nitrogen.
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    Buying a compressor to save money

    Buying a compressor to save money on airfills is like buying a boat to save on charters... Hilariously misguided. Having said that, I have a great boat and at least three friends have full-on blending systems in their garages. The convenience is superb, but don't try to justify it on the basis...
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