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    Found a great way to stitch the heaviest of nylon webbing for cheap

    I 100% agree, my wife uses Juki HZL-29Z, it looks like a toy, but it handles so much, the motor inside of this little monster is awesome.
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    Hi from a newbie from Chicago

    I kinda trained a couple of years ago when I was in Australia but in the end, I didn't manage to dive properly. So I plan a vacation this summer, wanna go to California, take a couple of lessons and try it there. Now I try to get as much theoretical information as I can
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    Hi from a newbie from Chicago

    I thought of warm water, though probably after a couple of times I'll be ready for some local spots.
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    NiteRider • Blackwater 3000

    Did you find Lid?
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    Hi from a newbie from Chicago

    Hi everyone, my name is Casey and I'm from Chicago. As you can get I'm a newbie and just getting prepared for my first dive. Hope to get here some useful knowledge. Have a good day
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