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    Dad's old stuff...

    US Divers Co. Calypso depth gauge. Never saw him wear it and looks new. I was thinking about using it as a back-up to my computer. Any thoughts on what it is worth?
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    Diving San Diego for the 1st Time - Need Advice

    No doubt that you can get cold below 40 ft in San Diego in a wetsuit. A lot depends on your style of diving and your physical condition. If you are old and just drift around while you either play with your camera or watch starfish crawl, you will notice the cold more. On the other hand, if...
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    San Diego Shoredive, 3/30

    I don't remember the exact depth, somewhere around 60 to 80 ft you'll start to get some good slope to the bottom. Do you really want to take a few freshly certified divers into the canyon??? Keep them a little shallower so they can stay down a little longer. Go to La Jolla Cove and swim...
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    Kona Hawaii

    The night manta dive can easily be done from shore off the Sheraton Keauhou Bay in Kailua-Kona for FREE! You'd have to be a huge pussy if you can't handle it. Save yourself a pile of money and do it that way. When I did it there were several other people who made the short swim out from...
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    Diving with a kid?

    If you intend to book a trip on a dive boat, make sure to tell them that your son is only 12 yrs old. Some of them have maximum depths for youngsters. You don't want to book a trip where the intended site is a deep dive if your son is barred from going that deep. I heard of a local dive boat...
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    Professional Dive Boat - EPIC FAIL

    Shaka Doug: I appreciate your post. I know that diving the Back Wall is not a scam. Some of you in Hawaii are lucky enough to dive it so many times that you might forget why I would want to take my family back there for a look. I don't have endless money, so I may never get the chance...
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    An extremely disappointing Channel Islands weekend

    As someone who enjoys spearfishing, I can tell you that those urchin barren areas are usually not great for spearfishing either. The OP also complained about poor visibility, which again makes for poor spearfishing. I doubt that the captain was looking for those two conditions because they are...
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    Maui - Back Wall or Hammerhead site?

    Good luck getting to the Back Wall. I think you might have more chance of winning the lottery.
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    Professional Dive Boat - EPIC FAIL

    Now, where in those two sentences does it suggest to you that I would bring a snorkeler to the Back Wall? For what it's worth, I wouldn't bring a snorkeler on an advanced dive trip. Period. The above quote was intended to be sarcastic. The Back Wall gets great press everywhere, yet from...
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    Professional Dive Boat - EPIC FAIL

    I'm learning a lot about Hawaii here: (1) The Back Wall is just a hoax used to attract advanced divers onto boats that are very unlikely to take you to the Back Wall. Is that so the hoax can be perpetuated? (2) If they tell you that you won't dive the Back Wall today because of a snorkeler...
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    Professional Dive Boat - EPIC FAIL

    Good for you. I've read that the Back Wall is one of the best dives in Hawaii. Maybe it isn't, but we paid to try it for ourselves. I'm not sure why you need to know if anyone else dove the Back Wall on that day. If it wasn't dive-able, don't you think the crew would have said so? We...
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    Professional Dive Boat - EPIC FAIL

    So we missed out on turtle riding at the Back Wall??? Now I am REALLY pissed!!!! Thanks for the heads-up on this, Shaka Doug. If I get back to Maui I will look you up. Obviously, when I refer to the "best boat" I am talking about yours. There were no reasonable reasons that we got a dive that...
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    Professional Dive Boat - EPIC FAIL

    We did our homework before leaving for Maui. Thanks to many helpful comments on this site and, we had planned out a fun week of diving some great spots off Maui's beaches. It was going to be topped off with a trip to Molokini to dive the back wall or possibly reef's end...
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    Professional Dive Boat - EPIC FAIL

    Unfortunately, no. I might cut the crew some slack for that. This is a well known boat that tries to attract advanced scuba divers. Buyer beware....
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    Professional Dive Boat - EPIC FAIL

    Okay, we've all read stories here about advanced scuba boat trips that were ruined because the crew allowed a newbie on board and then catered to the weakest link. Well, the outfit we dove with last Thursday took this behavior to a whole new level. They market themselves as catering to a small...
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