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    Why use a BC anyway?

    IMO, you shouldnt have been in openwater till you understood the operation of the BCD thoughly. A ruptured ear sinking is better than a ruptured lung, or both, shooting to the surface. It wouldnt have happened in a normal pool. Your instructor sucked from your side of the story. A BC or wing, is...
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    Ginnie Springs

    Hundreds of open water divers dive the caverns at Ginnie, Orange Grove, Devils den, Blue Grotto, Paradise, and Catfish hotel at Manatee. Others require a cavern card like Peacock and Madison. Cavern diving is fun and really a no brainer untill something goes wrong, and then it can get dangerous...
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    Diving Little River at Intro/Basic Level

    Ive done the Merry go round and still didnt get into deco if its the 1st dive of the day so youll be fine. Table rock is at 270ft and with the flow after tying in , you may not get much further than that . Im glad I dont get tired of caves because they have a few scratches on the rocks, big...
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    Cave Country Dive Shop certifies two new divers this weekend!

    I was gonna ask where yall were, I knew OG didnt have a pool ladder. Taking openwater with a cavediver is cool. Congrats! Now sign up with Marissa for a cavern course in the spring.
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    Hints for a new Dry Suit owner

    I just got my 1st drysuit and have yet to dive it but did get stuck in it at home with no one to help me out of it and it was hot ! I have a frontzip and pulled it over my head but my arms were helplessly hung like a straight jacket. Steve Gamble, the drysuit guru did give me the tip to have a...
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    mseleneous is a cave diver!!

    Congrats on that big accomplishment! Now go have some fun.
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    back from GUE Fundamentals

    Im surprised with the cost and duration of fundies, more of your issues couldnt be worked out. It is a teaching class and not just a demonstration of skills right? I havent figured out how to remain motionless while hovering either as long as your breathing your gonna rise and fall a few inches...
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    Class Started!!

    Its all good.Listen and learn all you can and it should go great. Good luck!
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    Course starter

    I agree, this skill must be accomplishable. If your mask strap breaks or gets kicked off or even loose, you have got to help yourself to see again. You can fill your mask with water and practice breathing thru your mouth at home to get the feel of it. Practice in the shallow end of a pool with...
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    Sidemount wetsuit pockets

    I wouldnt want to fumble with things in a pouch behind me. Sounds like a good way to lose something. Never had to belly crawl on a boat either. Not trying to convince anyone, just describing what works for me with a wetsuit.
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    Sidemount wetsuit pockets

    sidemount configs are so different I wonder if any 2 are the same. I did start wearing a bumpcap for my backups which frees up my d rings, so all I have connected to them is my double enders and bungees and then lastly the clip on pocket.
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    Sidemount wetsuit pockets

    I clip one to my chest by the upper d rings. Its a DR and looks like a pencil pouch with 2 separate zipper compartments. It doesnt hang down when horizontal because my spg's protrude inward and lay flat against it.
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    Started my PADI Open Water Certification today!!

    Theres alot to learn in the next few weeks and once certified , youll still be figuring things out for a while. Task loading, trying to remember things can be a bit stressful in class but if you relax and think, you should be fine. Once you hold a c card, you can enjoy yourself a bit more and...
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    What Do i need? Equipment

    Youll have to do some reg modifications when going from 1 to 2 tanks. The short spg hoses wont work with backmount etc. Alot of wings have the taco effect with a single tank and when tanks are on your side so that would need to be addressed. Trim will be a problem as well. Its hard to get a wing...
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    New wet suit question

    They wont take it back now. I have plenty of crotch room so Id say its too short for sure .Bummer!
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