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    Florida Keys Islamorada davis reef 3-26-20 pix/report

    Ahhhhh. I'm jelous! Nice shots
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    Accommodations and options for Fl. Keys

    Try Ocean Pointe condos. I've seen dogs there, but they may have been owners dogs rather than renters dogs. I'm sure the reservation clerk can tell you.
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    Key Largo dive trip

    +1 for Fish House and Hobo's I also like Snook's and Marker 88 (the outside seating). Marker 88 is bayside so you can watch the sunset. +1 for History of Diving museum too Conch Republic is a great operator.... This will be a bit of a change from Gulf diving.... enjoy!!
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    Recommendations for high end resorts

    Ocean Reef Club on Key Largo. Not quite as expensive as the Little Palm but still really nice.
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    Keys area dive shops that are more personalized?

    Quiescence is a six pack operator if that is what you are looking for. Good people and good shop
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    Recommendation for dive shop - Panama City Beach

    I've been out with Panama City Diving, Diver's Den and Panama City Dive Center. They all are good operators. I probably like Panama City Diving the best since they have a nice stable boat which will be nice to have in the winter... its a Newton. However, they seem to cater to spear-fishers...
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    Florida Dive Operators with user unfriendly policies

    I think you're right about that. You can rent their 100's when you are diving with them
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    Florida Dive Operators with user unfriendly policies

    Drrich2.... Conch Republic rents 100 cf nitrox tanks. I've never seen an operator with 120's though.
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    Florida Dive Operators with user unfriendly policies

    One of my favorite dive trips was on the MV Spree to the Dry Tortugas....... you ran a fun, and safe, boat.
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    Florida Dive Operators with user unfriendly policies

    I like Conch Republic for many reasons. Its been a while, but I've also had good experiences with Horizon. Double dips on the deep wrecks aren't super common in KL in my experience, though the two you chose do them fairly regularly. With that said Quiescence is an awesome shop. If their...
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    Any Shore Diving in Key Largo

    General answer is no.... with that said, you can shore dive Cannon beach at John Pennekamp park and Jules Lagoon (for a fee). I've not dove either but have read that neither is all all that great for diving and are only good for a back up plan if marine conditions cancel all the boat trips but...
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    Florida Keys Dive ops that will hold onto dive gear during week

    I was going to suggest CRD too. It's a good operator. If you are 1st to make a reservation on any particular day, they will sometimes let you pick the site
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    Florida Springs Dive Sites - My Curated List

    CaveSloth: take a look at the photo's on Devil's Den website and you'll get a feel for what I'm about to indicate. The structure of DD is like an upside down bowl with water that goes about half way up that 'upside down bowl'. The very top of the 'upside down bowl' has a hole it it that...
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    Florida Springs Dive Sites - My Curated List

    Move Devils Den to the OW list
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    Lemon shark dives: Jupiter or West Palm.

    Jupiter Dive Center also goes to Tunnels, a site that has a group of reef sharks that live on it year round. I've only seen them get aggressive if some one is spear fishing a shoots a fish or spears a lion fish. The site also has a school of goliath grouper that live on it year round. It's a...
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