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    Scuba Shack's Boat Get Wet Sinks in Key Largo

    Well, life jacket is where my thought went at first, or injury. Even quickly though, seems hard to imagine as so quickly you wouldn't bail. Everyone else did it seems. As I recall it was only 30 ft deep, the boat had a partial hardtop and awning(?) foward suggesting there should have been...
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    Scuba Shack's Boat Get Wet Sinks in Key Largo

    I remember wondering how it came to be that someone could get trapped - why you wouldn't just jump clear as the boat began to founder, or even why you wouldn't be able to swim out once it was on the bottom upside down. I wonder if the guy who survived ever offered any insight to the Coast Guard...
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    Scuba Shack's Boat Get Wet Sinks in Key Largo

    Yeah, I think I was wondering about vests and trapping, but now I don't recall much being offered as to how the two became trapped.
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    Scuba Shack's Boat Get Wet Sinks in Key Largo

    If I recall, the passengers were told to put on flotation vests, and those trapped them inside the forward enclosed area.
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    Service manuals, sources gone?

    Thanks, that's good to know.
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    Service manuals, sources gone?

    Can you clarify what that gets you? If you find a dead link, you can go to and ask them to somehow resurrect it?
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    Service manuals, sources gone?

    All the above are defunct now, that I can see. VDH has moved their database to As of this posting, last updated 18Mar2020.
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    Anyone have a scan of the Dacor Quantum Loop manual?

    A few years ago, someone hosted a copy of the manual, but that link is defunct now. Anyone have a copy to post or email? thanks, Mike
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    Experiment replacing Oceanic regulator covers with silicone...

    I don't know anything about 3D printing, but at $20 a pop for replacement purge covers, it could be justification on it's own to buy one and learn to use it. What is the materials cost for those printed covers? I made the mistake years ago of standardizing on the Air XS2 integrated octo, and...
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    Experiment replacing Oceanic regulator covers with silicone...

    Just came across this old post while searching yet again for replacement covers for these crap Oceanic 2nds. The brittle covers have been a longstanding bane. I tried taping them back together which works adequately but am looking for a better solution. Tired of spending money on branded...
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    Lobster diver missing - Santa Cruz Island, California

    There are some shallow caves and slots in that area. He may have had trouble if he was messing around them.
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    Six month Passport rule

    Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're saying, or that US Club link isn't the whole story, but the 6 Month rule appears to be that the passport expiration has to be 6 months BEYOND your trip, for countries not on that list. For those on the list, your passport has to be explicitly valid for the...
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    Dive Friendly Pools on The Peninsula

    Anderson's in Pacifica has an indoor pool, and Wallin's for a time had set up shop at the Elk's Lodge on 21st (?) in San Mateo, and there is an outdoor pool there they use.
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    Which Hawaiian island is best for shore diving?

    I don't know where Nudi Madness is, but the harbor beach and various Puako entries have been published online and in dive books for years, if not decades already. If that's the road down the left side of the harbor, it's a shame it's now closed. The harbor beach dive was usually an interesting...
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    Stretching the definition of "lightly used" until transparency is achieved . . .

    Ebay handles the return decision for the first 30 days after receipt, not PayPal. If you miss that window, PayPal used to allow 6 months for dispute, not sure if that's still the way it works. Some eBay policies depend on country of origin - but I've never heard tell of that affecting returns...
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