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    Starting to dive with my daughter

    Destinations (warm water) to start easy;)
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    Kona dive op for Young diver?

    Im taking my newly certified 14 yo to KONA, HI in DEC to do her first dive week . She did her open water dives in Belize In JUN 2021 and is PADI certified. She did great but is cautious and doesn’t like big crowds of divers. Im trying to pick the best dive op for us to do 5 days of diving to get...
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    Starting to dive with my daughter

    Hi all, My late husband and I fell in love w diving on our honeymoon in 2002. When he passed in 2010, I dreamed of getting our only child certified someday and showing her all the places her dad and I loved. As a single parent, I kept up the diving every couple of years sneaking in a couple of...
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