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    Dacor R-4 parts

    if things dont work out, im interesred in the regs, good luck , a few peeps are making some home type replacment parts now. ck out : Buy, Sell, Trade (Vintage Gear Only, Please) | Vintage Scuba Diving Community Forum if you poke around in the general discussion forum youll find info on dacor R...
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    For Sale Poseidon XStream regulator

    is this still out there ?
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    SOLD!!! Faber 117 new hydro south Florida $200

    would you entertain shipping ?
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    Expanding ScubaBoard to social media

    weirdly enough I've had a similar experience on my choice of gear when I was setting up at the pass one time, it was bizarre.
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    New fin recommendations?

    oddly this is very true, after 40+ years of regular diving ive basically stuck with the jetfin and the super rockets. I have a few other odds n ends but usually use them for dorkeling or free diving. Im going to try the xt's next.
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    Reminder of boat etiquette as we emerge from covid

    sadly I have to agree , with the exception of fancy gear, many people can afford it, and it often works just as good as 90% of the cheapo stuff I see everywhere.
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    For Sale Vintage Voit tanks (*Mike Nelson approved)

    what would you estimate shipping to be to 38632 ? just roughly
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    SOLD!!! Small Galvanized Voit Tanks *standard thread*

    where are you located approx ? nearest city
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    For Sale Vintage Voit tanks (*Mike Nelson approved)

    where are you located approx ? and to add the dumb question of the day... $150 for both ?
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