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    Buford Sink

    Hi anyone dove Bufort this week? Thanks,Jerry
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    Check this vintage ad out...

    Headlighst blurred my vision Damm it!
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    Flea bay listing.

    Hi Mark, the guy got a real nice fresh water reg cheap.Now I bought a da and found out it was USDivers conversion thing,they are rare.
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    Mike Adams

    Hi I'm glad Mike Leveille got to see Mike Adams last Saturday and I could do a video call. Mike Adams was great and true friend RIP!
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    Happy Birthday @Sam Miller III

    Happy Belated Birthday Sam Miller!
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    Orca Edge Dive Computer

    Hi Captain, Stay Safe!
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    How to Restore a Scubapro Mark VII Honker

    Wow very informative and complete.I did the repair course twice starting in 1977 from Pete Wolfinger!
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    Need regs serviced

    Thanks Bob,Safe diving Kemps Cow Jerry
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    Today’s regulator

    Hi very early model I found 2 without adjustable second stages.Cool! One of my very early scubapro says in raised letter on the exhaust Scu Ba Pro !
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    Today’s regulator

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    wanted Mask

    Wanted OMS Single Frameless mask in good condition
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    Buford Sink

    Oh Sorry saw Luke just dove it.Permit cost please?
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    Buford Sink

    anyone been at Bueford spring in the last month.How much is the permit to get in please? Thanks,Jerry
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