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    How much weight is too much?

    I would advise getting more dives before adding more weight. You likely have air trapping in the suit. That is not based on your stated weight requirements, but on the " I have 2 dives" part. I took a tech class in a drysuit after I had 2 dives in one (maybe it was three). I had thousands of...
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    How smaller is a neck neoprene compared to your neck

    I'm a big fan of my neoprene neck seal. As long as I don't look down! Adding a hood solves all of my leaking issues, even if I don't have it up over my head.
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    Got bent, preferred IWR to my local chamber

    It sounds like IWR is going to be the first option for you given the status of the local chamber. I would recommend working with your dive club or buddies to get a more formal IWR protocol in place. I know IANTD does IWR training, so they might be a good resource to find out if someone localish...
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    So much for streamlined

    Ditch the storage pocket, replace with pocket shorts. Someone mentioned a weight belt; just be aware that if you wear it over the harness, it sits too low and sucks. If you wear it under the harness, it is effectively not a quick ditch item anymore. I personally don't mind weight pockets on the...
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    Air fills in Nitrox Marked Tanks

    The reality is, you'll get all sorts of goofy things from shops when trying to get a nitrox fill. Sometimes out of ignorance, sometimes out of the need to make money, sometimes for s**ts and giggles. My favorite example was when I took my O2 clean (yes I know) tank to a shop to get a partial...
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    To grease or not to grease (metal, plastic, type of grease)

    I only use O2 compatible lube on o-rings. I'm not sure I do any metal to metal lubing, with the exception of a valve into a tank neck. That is to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion. Lube is primarily important on dynamic o-rings (ie ones the seal against a moving part, like the SPG swivel) vs a...
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    burping loop

    Task loading is the problem. I had a slow leak into my single tank wing last semester during open water dives. It was cold as hell, so I was in a dry suit. It took me THREE DIVES to figure out my wing was leaking. I was too busy dealing with popsicle students to realize that I had to keep...
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    burping loop

    The specific set up the diver was running was to have the backup inflator stowed attached to a loop in the wing, so it was accessible by reaching behind, but it was not over the right shoulder all the time. He had the QD hose mated with the BC inflator with some ranger bands, but it was not...
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    burping loop

    Primarily, he didn't need the gas in the first place. He had a great SAC rate and would come back with over 2000 psi after doing a deco dive to 150 with an hour run time. He would only get his tanks filled after 2 or 3 dives. Tanks were filled on the dive bench, so the only effort that saved him...
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    burping loop

    This is just semantics, but I would consider it being negatively buoyant, not over weighted. I think of over weighted as adding too much additional weight. Ultimately causes the same problems, but have different causes. But I hear you, I had to tell one of our regular research divers he wasn't...
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    burping loop

    I can hold a 10' stop with a full counterlung in my typical deco dive set up (SF2, 3L steel on-boards, 2 al80 bailouts, AL plate, 3mm wetsuit) not much more I can get rid of weight wise. I might not be able to do it in a dry suit though, at least not comfortably. The SF2 only has a 4.5 L CL...
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    Kubi rings leaking badly

    Can you just inflate the suit while you aren't wearing it, then use some soapy water to find the specific leak spot? When I installed my ring system, I had to track down a leak that turned out to be in the gule area rather than with the ring system connections. I used a norwegian buoy to keep...
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    O2 clean tool

    Since the tool won't see high pressure o2, it just needs to not have contaminants on it. Scrub them with some dishwashing detergent in hot water to get any oils off, make sure you rinse well, then maybe something like acetone would work. If you just have a couple tools, it's probably worth...
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    GPS satellite suggestions

    I use a Zoleo for off grid land based activities, or general communication (text) from a boat. I don't think either it, or an inreach, would be a viable substitute for an epirb or plb. If I hit the SOS button on my zoleo, it'll ping GEOS, who will then try to get back in touch with me via text...
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    New published paper on PFOs

    I've seen divers do that. Freaks me out every time. I'm sure my "Stop effing doing that!" signal is pretty funny too!
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