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    Converting Edge EXP from yoke to DIN

    Some larger form regulators allow you to install either DIN or yoke connectors but not yours. That's the trade-off a small-from yoke regulator requires: lighter and less obtrusive means it can't accept a DIN connector. Aftermarket yoke to DIN adapters are available but they are really only...
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    Hog D1 first stage long hose routing

    Single-mount, who cares? You won't be doing any overhead diving so nothing is going to damage the seal but I mount mine diaphragm up so that the hoses are tucked away. On doubles and stage bottles I mount the body sideways with the diaphragm "in" so that the diaphragm is protected from pokies...
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    Sea Shepherd has a new 'fast' boat.

    And we have a winner...
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    HOG D1 2nd's and Edge Epic First

    This isn't supposed to happen. The schrader valve in the QD is either loose or failing. If you have the tool, it's easy enough to tighten or to replace. If you replace it, remember that size and flow rate both are important.
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    HOG D1 2nd's and Edge Epic First

    Trouble shooting: Check to make sure the hose fittings are tight (at both ends). Don't overtighten them - finger tight plus a little bit is enough. If you assembled the unit, did you check the o-rings on the hose fittings first? Check the exhalation diaphragm to make sure it is seated...
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    HOG 2nd stage free flow help

    Swap the soft seats in the second stages and see if the problem follows the seat. My guess is that the problem is a small ding or centering problem in the HP seat in the first stage, but it can definitely be a bunch of things.
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    I wonder?

    I plan on teaching the class a few times this upcoming off-season, dates yet to be determined but in the Chicago/Milwaukee and maybe Detroit area. Anyone interested in being contacted with more information can PM me and tell me what dates work best for you and where and if you have any interest...
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    Technical divers using HOG regs deep?

    I've had a several D1 sets below 250 a number of times however I don't think I've had them below 300 - it's been awhile since I've been that deep. The D1's have performed as well as anything else I've owned, including a bunch of Apeks, a couple of ScubaPro's and a Mares that I've owned for a...
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    cyklon 300 nitrox compatible?

    Thal, you're setting an example for us of just how ugly the process of senescence can be. For pity's sake, crawl back under that stinking pile of uh-oh you crawled out from and stop the endless quibbling demonstrations of what a really super duper smart guy you are about everything.
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    2nd stage accordion noise

    It's most likely the exhaust diaphragm vibrating as you exhale. So long as it isn't torn, distorted or seated improperly, the noise should stop in the water and there shouldn't be any performance problems. If peace of mind requires it, try it out in shallow water before you get in over your head.
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    cyklon 300 nitrox compatible?

    Never mind.
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    Looking for Edge epic service manual

    AWAP, you're probably correct, a determined individual with a higher than average mechanical aptitude who is willing to fumble their way through the learning process will, eventually, be able to perform a simple regulator overhaul. The problem, however, is exactly as you have identified it...
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    Looking for Edge epic service manual

    With my apologies to Chris, who is at Beneath the Sea and presumably too busy to wade back into this mud puddle for possibly stepping on his toes but let me share my thoughts as someone who has taught the TDI Hog class to more people than anyone else: Technical diving isn’t just more and...
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    Hose routing

    Why is this the best?
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    Bitterness of Scuba Instructors

    Nah, my point being that thin skin and a petulant whine is tiresome - and probably deserving of the occasional slight. Sometimes the old adage applies: newbies should be seen (at the dive site) and not heard (on the board.) Nobody doesn't want you to be part of the community but 24 dives means...
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