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    Recent Lake Pleasant conditions/reports

    What are the conditions at the lake right now? Lake high or low. Surface temps and the rest. Old Scubasteve is ready to return to my old spawning grounds
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    Phoenix Area Dive Buddies? (Or groups?)

    I'm a bit older than 23. 58, but who's counting. PM me this week.
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    Phoenix Area Dive Buddies? (Or groups?)

    LP Scuba has a great dive boat. I know Chad. He runs a great operation.
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    Phoenix Area Dive Buddies? (Or groups?)

    I never have a problem diving with a new diver. Welcome to the addition. The class teaches you how not to die. Diving teaches you how to dive. Don't worry about making mistakes. It's how you learn. Besides, they killed the last perfect guy. As long as you don't mind hanging out with an old guy...
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    Phoenix Area Dive Buddies? (Or groups?)

    When do you want to go to the lake (pleasant). I have hundreds of dives there and am happy to introduce you to some of my fishy friends. Have you been to any of the shore dive spots? Did you get your certification at Pleasant? My best day is Saturday. Let me know. I have extra tanks too. Mohave...
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    Going to be in Himeji fo business trip.

    I'm going to be in Himeji for 10 days starting Tuesday the 12th. I mY have some free time on Sunday the 17th. What dive operations are in the area?
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    Visiting San Clemente 12/7 to 12/14, Suggestions for dive sights??

    Hey SoCal divers, My buddy and I are experienced divers. We've both taken some of the dive charters in LA and San Diego. We probably will do so during our stay in San Clemente but I thought we would try out some of the local beach diving just for grins.:D We'll be in San Clemente for the week of...
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    Rescue Diver Course - I can't recommend it based on my recent experience

    Sounds like you had a great rescue class. My class was INTENSE! After a briefing it was game on. My buddy and I executed dozens of rescues over two days. We even had to interrupt the final exam to rescue two panicked divers (one for each of us). I swear, every time we turned around somebody was...
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    Diving Lake Pleasant 2014

    Lost gear. We were snorkeling around at Spring Canyon Landing at Lake Pleasant on Wednesday. We got in just to the left of where the road ends and swam around the south end of the cove for a bit. When we stopped to take a break my youngest son informed me that he had lost a fin. It was a medium...
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    Incident at Lake Pleasant

    No idea. The picture with the news story showed a bail-out bottle and upon closer inspection the BC had two small canister like shapes that looked like the o2 and dulient bottles of a rebreather. Tech buddies and follow up news reports verified the rebreather but not the brand. I think a couple...
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    Incident at Lake Pleasant

    Sounds like the guy was diving with a rebreather. Don't know if it was a fun dive or a class or if one of the local shops were involved. Condolances to his family and his dive buddy.
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    Hey, Lake Pleasant Vista Point Divers and Instructors!!!

    First off, I want to thank Pete for laying all those lines. They are great nav aids. I have over 300 dives at Lake Pleasant; shore dives as well as boat dives, from one end of the lake to the other. In all seasons and conditions. I only mention this so folks know that I know a thing or two...
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    Recent Lake Pleasant conditions/reports

    Spring Canyon Landing is east of Vista Point below the 4-lane north boat ramp. It's a pretty good spot until the weather warms up and the boaters are really active. Then you have to be out of there before the alcohol kicks in. We were there a couple of years ago and the boaters literally ran us off.
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    Recent Lake Pleasant conditions/reports

    I'm baaack. And what a day to get wet for the first time in three months. Azdiver23 (Josh B) and I met at Vista Point at around 9:00am and there were a ton of divers already in the water. We ran into John Flanders and he said there were at least three classes going on with about a dozen divers...
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    Christmas Tree Reef Project 2012

    Can we register at Inland Water Divers Scuba Adventure Diving
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