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    2015 ScubaBoard SURGE Event T-Shirt Vote

    My Vote is for Tee Shirt #1 thank you Dennis and Roxanne ! SCUBAMichelle Your Vote Has Been Tallied.
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    Official 2015 ScubaBoard Invasion Video

    I knew BEANER was having a secret affair with Mister Moonie ! Me thinketh she doth protest too much !!!
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    2015 Invader Flight Crew List

    "AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT 2213 (DFW TO COZ) arriving 12:03 pm Michelle (SCUBAMichelle)" You're added to the flight crew!
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    ScubaBoard Invasion 2015 Event T Shirt Vote

    Hi, I vote for #4 and #5. Your votes have been tallied.
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    ScubaBoard Invasion Central 2014 Roatan

    Thanks for putting that video/slide show together Dennis and Roxanne!! that was so fun to watch!! Takes me right back to a wonderful place and time.Much fun had by all. I can't wait to Coz and Phillipines. ---------- Post added June 18th, 2014 at 11:35 AM ---------- All I can do is dream about...
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    Right Now on Bonaire

    That video of the frog fish hopping around and the iguana in the pool is off the hook!!! thanks for posting!! loved it!!
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