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    Apeks Black Pearl

    Are you still looking for a Black Pearl? I have one that is basically new, in the box with both DIN and Yoke adapters.....
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    Could be trouble for leisurepro and others

    The problem is Leisure Pro isn't a brick & mortar business, so in the event you allow the proliferation of gray market goods to force your local dive shop to go under, who does your service and where do you get air????? Besides, I would be willing to bet you first got introduced to the Aqua...
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    What size cylinder should I buy?

    LP is typically a pressure of 2400, and if a "+" rated tank, you can add overfill by 10%, for a total of 2640psi. I have heard the 10% overfill rating no longer applies once the tank goes for hydrostatic testing. HP is 3442 PSI, and while there are Yoke regulators rated to 4000 PSI, most are...
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    Desiccant for Tanks?

    As a trained service tech, I would not recommend you place anything in the tank of this nature. Ideally, steel tanks are treated with a flash rust inhibitor after hydrostatic testing and subsequent tumbling with a non-toxic degreasing agent such as Simple Green. Once you've treated the tank...
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