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    wrist or console computer

    To answer the question what type of diver am I. I am an advanced open water diver. I do alot of diving on vacations down south. But I just bought a boat so I am hoping on getting some diving in off the Jersey shore near where I live.
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    wrist or console computer

    I have been trying to decide if I should put my computer on a console or on a wrist mount any suggestions.
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    scuba magazine

    I was looking for a good scuba magazine any recommendations .
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    leg pocket

    I would like to make a pocket to have on my thigh to hold some extra stuff. Any suggestions.
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    New boat

    I just bought a 18 foot center console. I am so excited but this is my first boat and was just asking for any tips about setting it up for diving. I will be using it for mostly diving on the jersey shore and up in lake George. But I will often be using it for other things any suggestions.
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    Accomplishments of 2009?

    Switched from my vest style bc to a bp/w what a difference but I didn't get too dive as much as I would have like. I am probaly going to buy a boat in the next week or to so hopefully I should get to dive more in 2010
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    suunto vyper wrist mount

    I bought the suunto vyper computer on a console mount a little while ago but I would like to switch it to a wrist mount but I cant seem to find a website where I can buy just the wrist strap. Can anyone help me.
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    Found last week

    cool stuff
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    magnetic or clip lanyards

    It depends on if you are wearing gloves or not it can be hard to unclip something if so a magnet might be better. But if your not I would go with a clip I think it is more secure.
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    Florida live a board

    sorry about the confusion right now am not sure when I want to go I am just starting to plan my trip and trying see all of my options.
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    Florida live a board

    I am looking for a liveaboard that leaves from Florida. This will be my first liveaboard, and I was wondering if anyone knows of any good boats.
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    painting tanks

    I bought a used AL 80 about a year ago but the paint is chipping off and i am getting tiered of looking at the ugly tank, so I was going to paint it. But I not sure what paint to use any suggestions.
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    happy hour dive club

    I was wondering if anyone knows when the happy hour dive club is meeting next and where they are diving.
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    nj shore diving

    I am looking to get into some shore diving this year. I am located in north Jersey and was wondering if any one knows of any good sites for beginers.
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    Reg for pony bottle

    I need a reg for my pony bottle, I am trying to keep the cost low. I do most of my diving off the Jersey shore and up in lake George as deep as about 120ft. Any suggestions for regulators and where to get them.
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