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    For Sale atomic z2

    Great price on an exceptional regulator.
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    Question Conshelf 21 and 22 port layout.

    Does anyone know whether the Conshelf 21 and 22 first stage can comfortably be configured with the HP port (with a transmitter) and inflator on the left shoulder and the two second stages on the right? I have a XIV and it doesn't seem to work that way. I know I can mount the transmitter on a...
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    Planning our first trip for next month

    Reef House has a rustic feel. West Bay has a resorty feel. West End has a party feel. If I remember correctly it's about a one hour or a little more taxi ride from West End to Oak Ridge and then a 15 minute water taxi ride to Reef House. The airport is between Oak Ridge and West End/Bay. I...
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    Buoyancy practice for beginners

    Dive in a pool without your fins. That way if you are subconsciously kicking to maintain depth or trim you'll know it.
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    Teric owners, have you required repair or replacement service?

    Shearwater offers the same great customer support on the Perdix, but you'd never know it.
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    Question The perfect carry on, how do you travel?

    I fly the cheapest I can so I generally don't qualify for "carry on", just a "personal item". So everything goes in the hold except the dive computers, cameras, and small things I need for the flight. I am pretty careful about how I pack my main bag.
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    Any advice on the “triple stateroom” on the Nautilius Explorer or Belle Amie?

    I stayed in the coed triple on the Explorer in 2019. There was a larger twin bed on the floor with bunk beds opposite. There was a toilet and shower en suite. The cabin was definitely small and there was very little horizontal desk space to share for three people. I shared with two ladies, and...
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    Buying First Reg

    I had no idea. I've had good luck with ebay. A mint Z2x set for $195. and a mint Z1 second for $100 this last year. Although not a diaphragm regulator as the OP specified, the Atomic is a high performing, reliable regulator at a moderate price.
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    Spyderco H-1 folding knives?

    If Spyderco would make paramedic shears out of H-1 (including the rivet) that would be the ultimate cutting tool for me. I carry an Atlantic Salt occasionally in addition to a full time Trilobite.
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    Buying First Reg

    Atomic Z2 or Z3.
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    Roatan Options with Family

    I'm treating my son, his wife, and two grand kids to a week at the recently rebuilt "The Beach House" in West End. It's a beautiful colonial style building on the water with 14 rooms. It's not cheap. My wife and I will be staying across the street at Chillies. Chillies is cheap. I dive with...
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    Worth still doing Peak Performance Buoyancy after AOW?

    Good buoyancy control is the foundation of your skills and enjoyment as a diver. It is as much art as science. You seem to know what you want, and that is half the battle. Training can give you a leg up, but it is only practice and experimentation and analysis that can succeed. Most importantly...
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    Teric owners, have you required repair or replacement service?

    I am sorry to hear this. Normally I would be a pushover for something like the Teric. But because my Perdix has been flawless for the last five years I am unwilling to enter the Teric lottery until things have settled down. I think it's time for a Teric II. I bought a Garmin Mk1 and after...
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    Nikonos Camera Values

    Film cameras of all sorts are relegated to curios. Looks like compatible with UW housings, not cameras.
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