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    For Sale Atomic Aquatics T1x - custom rebuild

    One SOLD, one remaining.
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    Recommendations for Palau?

    If you want land based I would head to Peleliu and hang with Dolphin Bay Resort & Peleliu Divers in Palau. If you are in the area I would doubler dip and head to Chuuk and dive True Lagoon and dive with Odyssey Adventures
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    Are there smaller neck size steels than 3/4”?

    That is a good nitpick. I have not looked closely at too many 3442 cylinders. But yup: Cylinder Markings — XS Scuba - Everything For The Perfect Dive
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    German tanks in US….DOT cert

    As said, if you have access to a non-commercial compressor you can fill them. If a hydro shop has the correct fitting they can be hydro tested. But they can not be stamped.
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    Are there smaller neck size steels than 3/4”?

    From the one pictures showing the TP 5250 that would immediately indicate that the cylinder has a working pressure (WP) 3500psi. The test pressure for such cylinders is 3/2 of the WP, 3500 * 3/2 = 5250. Such cylinders all have 7/8" UNF thread. Which in turn means the values have 7 threads (aka...
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    Twin LP50's question on manifolds

    I have a set that has a non isolating short cross-over. I like the narrower profile but it is really about finding the matching bands and manifold.
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    Offensive Marine Animal Names

    My father was a wildlife biologist. One of his colleagues who was an entomologist discovered a new insect. His colleague's first name was Richard but like many went by Dick. As part of the documentation he prepared several samples of the insects and was having labels typed up for the specimen...
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    2014 Worthington AL80 Neck Crack found?

    From what I can ascertain it is not a crack but part of the forming process from when the cylinder was made. If indeed made by Worthington I would arrange to get it back to them or XS Scuba the distributor. They should make the final call and if as I suspect the shop condemning it should be...
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    Protection for Galapagos in late March

    We were there in May/June and dove in 7mm suits. It is colder around the main islands and warmer around Wolf and Darwin. If you dive warm a 5mm is probably fine. If after the first day you find yourself cold just add a 3mm shorty from the shop. Several people did that - though we were on a LOB.
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    Need columns for sub forms.

    Looking at the main page it is very hard to read through the mfg forms and the classifieds. They should fixed width columns. Also is it possible to drop the "classified" from the front of each forum???
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    Learning Zone icon - way too large

    Got back into the pond today after the changes. The first thing that caught my attention is that Learning Zone icon is way too large. Needs to be 1/3 of the size as it is easy to see and recognize the icon.
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    Aqualung Legend Yoke to DIN adapter

    The above is good advise as the yoke nuts are often on tight and do not have much area on the flats. And being brass are easy to deform.
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    New old Poseidon score

    I have had depth gauges with a built in bottom timer, the battery was replaceable. I have not seen that on a pressure gauge though. But here is one: Looking at the front of the SPG you should be able to unscrew the face plate so to replace the battery.
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    Cash for Galapagos Trip

    While the USD is their currency I would not rely on ATMs. They run out of cash, have daily limits, sometimes getting a connection to validate the transaction does not work. Further, the OP is going on a live-a-board. Many people literally go from the plane, to the boat, to the plane. Further...
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    Ever wonder why your carry on gets searched

    Years ago I got a personal tour of the "backroom" where TSA does baggage inspections. Part of the reason was because I was tired of having my bags unpacked to be inspected and then half-arsed repacked. As such, I was invited out by the TSA FSD of local airport for a tour and chat. I was asked to...
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