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    Bali opening?

    Indonesia's regional COVID-19 deaths higher than national tally - data monitor
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    Phuket Sandbox from 1st Jul 2021.

    After Phuket, three more resort islands in South Thailand set to reopen on July 15
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    State of emergency in Malaysia

    Those five states had the following new reported cases yesterday: Kelantan: 89 Perak: 101 Pahang: 200 Terengganu: 51 Perlis: 2 Here's what Phase 2 actually means and why these 5 states have been allowed to move on from Phase 1: Five states to enter Phase 2 of NRP on July 5 Not surprising that...
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    State of emergency in Malaysia

    Good news? I don't think so: EMCO in 34 mukim in Selangor, 14 localities in KL, from July 3 We're hitting close to 7k new daily cases for the last few days despite the Phase 1 restrictions so now the government added an EMCO on top to finally do something about all the factories that have been...
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    Foreigners not allowed in Sorong

    Malaysia is irrelevant either way. The government no longer calls it Movement Control Order (MCO)/lockdown but Phase 1 which was supposed to end on June 28. However, since "we" failed to meet three target numbers the start of Phase 2 is delayed indefinitely until we magically reach those target...
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    State of emergency in Malaysia

    We're also not meeting the < 4000 daily cases requirement yet. In fact, we haven't even recorded one day below 4k during this renewed MCO. Today's new cases number is 5244 so obviously phase 1 will be extended into July, delaying the onset of the other three phases.
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    Dec/Jan Dive Locations Quickly Accessible by Flight From BKK

    Kota Kinabalu, or any other part in Malaysia, won't be open for international travel by the end of 2021. The government has recently published a recovery plan with four phases, each of which can be extended if targets are not met. There is no mention of international travel in the recovery plan...
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    State of emergency in Malaysia

    Muhyiddin outlines 4 phases of National Recovery Plan [NSTTV] | New Straits Times
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    Cancelled/postponed trips due to COVID - please share your outcomes

    Our Tubbataha liveaboard from May 2020 which was postponed to 2021 has now been rescheduled for 2023. Tried 2022 at first but all spots were already taken by others rescheduling. Somehow I think 2023 is a safer bet.
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    Indonesia: Bali set to welcome tourists in July

    This news article was released in Malaysia two days ago: COVID-19: Another new variant detected in Indonesia
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    State of emergency in Malaysia

    Here's an update about vaccination in Sabah: COVID vaccine: Only 12.4 pct of targeted 2.9 mln people in Sabah have registered
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    State of emergency in Malaysia

    Sorry, don't really have any dive operator tips. But Scuba Junkie has a good reputation and I've stayed at their Mabul location some years ago which was all good. Concerning vaccination: Number registered for COVID-19 vaccination still low - PM Muhyiddin Only 7.6 million of the targeted 26.7...
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    State of emergency in Malaysia

    Malaysia is not open for international tourists at the moment. Are you moving for work? If so then check with the employer and the embassy for paperwork and what the process currently is. Tawau is under MCO until April 16: MCO in Tawau from tomorrow until April 16 - Ismail Sabri So no Mabul or...
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    Indonesia closed for foreigners 01 - 14 January 2021

    So that still would not make it possible to travel to Indonesia or anywhere else in 2021. Even if the government actually implements a plan to allow people to travel (inter)nationally after they get both vaccination rounds, it's just going too slow for potential tourists from Malaysia.
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    Indonesia closed for foreigners 01 - 14 January 2021

    Very unfortunate for him. I wonder whether he has been able to get vaccinated.
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