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    Can this hole affect performance? anyway to fix it?

    negligible, just keep using until it falls apart more and you need to replace it
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    Regulators and Covid

    dgx/deep6/hog or just buy some mouthpieces and ask the shop to swap them if you are worried the disinfectant rinse isn't enough
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    Tiger Beach in January

    tiger beach is pretty safe, don't think they have had any issues since that one missing diver in 2014, but that may have been a general dive accident rather than an attack. there also was one snorkeler that got attacked in 2019, but that wasn't at tiger beach rather at one of the beaches with...
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    Used Legend, new Core, or new DGX regulator?

    wait a month for black friday to see what hog/deep 6 offer
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    Tiger Beach in January

    the bigger issue is having enough people for the charter boat leaving from the west end, not always guaranteed you will have the boat minimum. bimini for the hammerheads is a better guarantee in that aspect.
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    Need Help In Selecting Red Sea Liveaboard

    @Christian according to the aggressor website, MY Royal Evolution is joining aggressor fleet in 2022 and the one offering the sudan itinerary Linda is likely referring to
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    Fiji Live-aboards?

    may is the best mix imo. early enough to avoid most of cyclone season, late enough to enter into dry season with low rain/better vis and the water is still warm from the rainy season.
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    SOLD!!! .

    this was a buy now, worry later situation
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    Mares or OMS - Cant decide for the life of me....

    with the pricing on long backplates, you might as well go halcyon and then mix with a tecline wing to stay on budget.
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    Scubapro Vs. Oceanic?

    shearwater peregrine is the answer or deep 6 excursion if you need to keep it budget
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    Mares or OMS - Cant decide for the life of me....

    why not xdeep/tecline/DTD or even apeks on that side of the pond?
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    For Sale DRIS 1000 Long, Not Working. Free but u pay shipping

    check if the springs have compressed too much for contact, you can try pulling them up a bit by hand. failing that, it likely is the driver, which would be a DIY replacement. assuming you don't see any evidence of a flood.
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    Drysuit dump valve trouble

    peel and stick mesh from home depot on upper arm of your undergarment. the nicer undergarments now have integrated mesh panels in that location specifically to aid venting.
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    PST E9791 Permit - can I hydro and VIP or not?

    PST is still around, they just don't do scuba tanks. almost certain the permit will get renewed again next year, like it has been already several times.
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    Please help identify brand and model (said same as apex xtx200) heard warrior for model you have the non-sealed version, the design is similar to apeks, but not fully parts compatible afaik
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