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    mapping deadhenge: the way to Deadman Reef

    My contribution was laying the line for the builders and I think I added two small stones (while not walking across the sea floor). While I know the original builders, they prefer to remain anonymous and I can't take credit for their feats
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    mapping deadhenge: the way to Deadman Reef

    Being that I laid the line myself, I could have been off a few degrees but as you said, not by that far off. :D How accurate is your GPS? Four, five, or six decimal places? Even a variation of 5 meters plus the drift of your sausage when depth and current are factored in could put you off...
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    mapping deadhenge: the way to Deadman Reef

    The angle looks wrong. The original layout (done with compass and line) was set to the connect to Shaw's Cove. The angle should be about 15° to the SE.
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    Pee Valve vs Catheter.

    So you stuff your whole cat into a Rochester? Kitty dry suit with adhesive!;)
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    Pee Valve vs Catheter.

    LHB Industries (Lighthouse for the Blind) has the lowest prices you will find for Rochester Wide Band external male catheters: Medical Male External Catheters (of course, you may need a different size than what I...
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    Halcyon gaiters

    My first dry suit was a stock large DUI TLS350SE with turbo soles. For the most part it fit quite well everywhere but the legs. The length would have been perfect if I were 6'4", but since I am just slightly under 6', I had a bit of extra material in the legs. I had two options to correct this...
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    Breath holding to improve Sac rate?

    And this is called skip reading...:D
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    Looking for a buddy or group to go out with

    I'll be available after the new year (on -call for work this week and vacation out of state next week) so let me know when you'd like to go out and I'd be happy to show you around.
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    When is bad vis a problem?

    Surge>Visibility=Bad dive
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    Found video lights at Marineland

    Wait until they realize you traded them Bud instead of beer. You got away with giving them goat pee for your lights! You made out like a bandit!:D
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    DIR Divers by area

    United States ________ Northwest Name: Lynne Flaherty Location: Woodinville, WA Contact: PM to TSandM Training GUE-F, Cave 1, NAUI Helitrox with AG Lots of spare gear. I enjoy diving with novice divers and introducing people to our system. Name: Hunter Lacey Location: Bozeman, MT...
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    I now have 50+ total dives, which makes me a complete expert...

    I did my first ever "warm water' dive on Cayman; booked through the cruise ship I was on. While I did not see anything near as bad as you have seen, I did have to stop one individual who was playing soccer with some coral. I simply tapped him on the leg, pointed out what he was doing and...
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    I now have 50+ total dives, which makes me a complete expert...

    People rarely die from a bad round of golf...;)
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    OML/Terranea closed for 30 days

    I don't think Laurel's event was last year and may have been prior to the rule changes. I do remember Jan talking about being turned away by the "snorkel police" but that had to do with what the lifeguard thought was a class taking place. Laguna has rules about classes and what hours/times of...
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