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    Scuba in Britain & the weather

    Mostly inland sites as opposed to the sea. Winter is always an iffy time to get out into the sea, especially south coast.
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    Looking for Dry Gloves

    Kubi or if budget is an issue KWTT
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    Drysuit - help needed

    It shouldn't be an issue. I fit a 400gram BZ400 under my seaskin and could still reach my valves without issue. My seaskin gave up the ghost a couple of years back, but it was a cracking suit for the money. I put around 700 or so dives on it and really didn't take very good care of it either.
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    Missed deco stop, lock out?

    I was only using it as a BT as I would a) never use a vyper for deco. It's not what they are for. b) I was diving a LQ Xeo as a primary, with the Vyper and tables as a back-up. I was just curious as to how it would behave and how quickly I could send it into error mode where it would only act...
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    Missed deco stop, lock out?

    I bent a suunto vyper like a pretzel in Scapa Flow last year on dive 2. It sat in gauge mode for the rest of week reading "Err" on the screen. I was only using it as a BT anyway, but I wanted to see how quickly I could bend it...
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    Planning my Tech Learning adventure

    Miss you guys too! I'm doing pretty good and hope you are as well.
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    Gear setup requirements by agency

    I'm a PADI DM. When assisting on classes, I am in a twinset, complete with long hose primary donate. As is the instructor.
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    Weight option for doubles

    Either a v-weight or weight belt. It depends what ends up in the dive bag. I only need 2kgs, so it doesn't matter to me really
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    Help: Trying to find a XS drysuit

    Seaskin for a budget custom is probably your best bet
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    Question about “balanced rigs” and having all ballast unditchable

    I would say more than 90% of the OW divers trained at dive site I work at, are trained in a drysuit as opposed to a wetsuit. And at certain times of the year (fall into late spring), they don't have a choice. It's a drysuit. And it doesn't cause any more issues than divers learning in a wetsuit.
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    As tech diver, diving single tank no-deco rec. in trim, what is your waist/hip lead?

    If I'm in warm water, I don't need any lead. Cold water, 2 kgs on a belt and 2kgs on a cam band.
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    Short people problems/hacks

    I'm 5'2", and am quite often the smallest person on the boat. My advice is, keep the same size cylinders as everyone else, just find one that works for you (ie HP80 as opposed to an ali 80). Reason being, your buddy loses his gas, either by not paying attention or some sort of failure (free...
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    Masks that fit small faced women

    Never had an issue in the 9 years I've had the micromask and 7 years i've had the mini shadow. I average well over 100 dives/year and the masks live in my fins.
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    Masks that fit small faced women

    aqualung micromask and the oceanic mini shadow are my go-to masks
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