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Bristol, UK
Not specified
Various jobs
Certification Agencies
PADI OW certified- Dive Paradise Cozumel, MX
Certification History
OW 2009- Dive Paradise Cozumel, MX
AOW 2010- Pancho's Diving Adventures Cozumel, MX
GUE Fundamentals 2013- Osama Gobara
GUE Documentation Diver 2013- Rich Walker
GUE Rec 3 2014- Rich Walker
PADI DM 2014- Aquanaut Scuba
Certification Level
Rec 3
# of dives
500 - 999
Dive Classification
Just An "Average" Diver
Years Certified
Five Years
Dive Equipment
Hog d-1 cold water and apeks regs, seaskin drysuit, hog rigged twin 12s, and a plethora of other equipment in the dive cupboard
Rebreather Experience
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