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    Diving death on Argentina Atlantic coast

    I live in the US but I am a diver from Argentina. The area referred to in the article is in the state of Rio Negro, Argentina about 1000 kms from Buenos Aires, off the coast of Patagonia. I only went there once to dive and the weather prevented it, so my knowledge of the area is superficial. I...
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    Shark incident in southern Sinai - some injuries

    I have the following from CNN which does not add much but confirms much of the facts: “ A child has lost an arm and his mother suffered "deep wounds" in a shark attack in a marine reserve near the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. The Ukrainian tourists were attacked by a shark while...
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    For Sale Marine Biology Documentary Course (14-22 yrs)

    The following online course is offered through Light House Studio in Charlottesville, Virginia for students aged 14-22 with at least some filmmaking experience. See link at bottom for more information. Have you ever wanted to explore the deep sea with a camera? Well, now you can! This course...
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    Czech fatality - Formiche islands, Italy

    Hello, I read and speak Italian. The article says that the diver died “last Saturday”. Since the article is dated Monday, October 12, 2020 I am assuming that the date of the accident was Saturday, October 10. The translation you posted is actually very accurate. Hope this helps.
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    Red Sea diving in September: is the water too warm?

    Hello guys, nice to be in this forum! I have to be in Cairo September 3/4 and could spend about 10-14 days after that diving the Egyptian Red Sea coast from Marsa Alam south. But... will water temps be so warm that any sharks or other larger critters be very deep that time of the year? Any...
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    6 divers missing off Sangalaki

    Latest I heard on this is that the Indonesian government suspended the search on August 25th... no trace of the divers was ever found.
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    Heart medication and its effect on diving.

    Hello, I am a 57 year old Divemaster with nearly 600 dives experience. During a routine medical check up in May I was found to have a heart eyection fraction (EF) of 30% (normal is 50-70%). I have stopped diving. After months of testing, the cause was listed as "unknown". I was put on...
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    6 divers missing off Sangalaki

    Hello guys, I read Italian and so can tell you that the article below from today's La Stampa newspaper says that 4 divers are still missing: three Italians in their 30s, and a Belgian diver. The article characterizes the 3 Italian divers as "expert and certified" but we all know that those are...
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    Dive center in Narvik?

    Hello, I plan to dive in Narvik / Norway in July and was hoping someone could recommend a dive center. I am aware of the live aboard Jane R but is there also an option of a shore based dive operator? Any information would be welcomed. Thanks
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    Any recent dive reports from Eritrea/southern Red Sea?

    Hello everyone, I spent a lot of time in the water in Sudan in 2014 but would like to explore diving in either Eritrea or Yemen (Socotra) in 2015. Last posts in this thread were in 2012... Any trip reports since then? Anyone with questions on Suakin Islands in Sudan I can share thoughts. Thanks...
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    So, RX 100 II or III ?

    Hey guys, sorry to butt in with a somewhat unrelated question, but I have used a Sealife DC1400 for the last few years (and a DC1200 before) and would like to "take a step up" without jumping into the SLR world (because of $$$ and weight while travelling), is this Sony RX100 III a good...
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    Lord Howe Island - Australia - Operators?

    Hello, not sure if anyone still has an interest in this subject, but I can report that I just returned from a trip to Lord Howe Island (February 2014) and had a great time, I can recommend ProDive, they were great and I had some fantastic diving with them. The only thing that was not good was...
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    Trip Report: Raja Ampat on the WAOW Liveaboard

    I just finished a Raja Ampat dive trip (February 16-28, 2014) and had a great time on the Seahorse. Not as fancy a boat as I am sure others are, but a great CD (Joey), great Indonesia dive guides, and superior crew. We were dogged with the same mediocre viz /rainy weather /windy conditions as...
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    March 2014

    Thanks Kristin, I tried to reply to your PM but I either inundated your inbox with repetitive messages that for some reason don't show up in my Sent folder, or you never got them. This information is really helpful, thanks, I did not realize that Exmouth and Coral Bay are so far apart and was...
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    March 2014

    Hello everyone, I am coming over to Australia and Indonesia from Argentina; I am diving Lord Howe Island in February and after a liveaboard at Raja Ampat I am looking to find a good pelagics dive place for March 1-10- would Ningaloo Reef be the place to go in early March? Are the mantas and...
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