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    Travel BCD Recommendation for a Petit Woman

    I bought some used equipment form a woman about that size, her travel setup was a soft backplate with a small wing. She said it worked well for her, I will adjust the harness on that to fit me for a light weight travel setup. BPW is the way to go for everyone, you have infinite adjustment to...
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    Necklace Bungee Knot

    That would work too.
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    Necklace Bungee Knot

    If it catches on a snag I want it to come off rather than pull my neck towards whatever it is caught on. Bascially I want everything fastened in such a way that it does not come off in regular use but can be pulled apart or cut apart in an emergency.
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    My start in Tech diving

    I recently completed TDI AN and DP courses. I came to Moalboal Philippines just before the pandemic and decided to just stay here until it is over. I had been rec diving a few times a week but after a while wanted something a little different. I signed on for the two TDI courses Prior highest...
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    Has been waiting since early 2020

    I came to Moalboal in early March 2020 for a planned 6 week dive experience. Got caught in the hard lock down in late March and had a 3 month surface interval with not much moving around. Diving restarted here in July 2020 and I have been diving several times a week here, taken the TDI Deco and...
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    Necklace Bungee Knot

    I had been tying the fisherman's knot to attach my necklace to the regulator. However I quickly lost two of them. Now I just tie a bowline with a small loop on each end of the bungee cord. Each can them fit tightly over the mouthpiece securely holding in place. Given a sharp enough pull, one...
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    At what point should I get diver insurance?

    I do not know why this is a question at all. DAN is dive coverage by a company that knows diving, the dangers and the treatments for these dangers. I have the full package from Dan Asia, cost around the same as 10 or 12 dives from my local dive shop. Since I dive often, it works out around...
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    What is the fundamental reason that prevents scuba diving from becoming popular?

    Sounds like my story, was 40 when certified, now retired living in Moalboal and dive several times a week. I ice dove at Wesk Hawk Lake, do ,they still do that? From Portage la Prairie BTW
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    Do deaf divers have an advantage underwater???

    At a resort after a group dive we were having refreshments and one member's daughter came up to him and since she was deaf spoke to her dad in sign. Another member turned out to be a teacher at a school for the deaf, he spoke to the daughter in sign. The teacher had kids about the same age the...
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    diver dies under ice

    It looks like they did an open water entry from shore and then moved under the ice or the ice moved over them and they could not get out. At home we ice dive, but with tender, rescue divers etc ready to go. As the ice goes out no diving until the floating ice is at least just slush if not...
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    Nitrox course. What's the point?

    Many LDS will ask to see your Nitrox C card before letting you dive Nitrox.
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    Time for a new laptop, looking for suggestions

    I use an older ( 6 years now) MS Surface Pro, they make updated models with the same form factor. It is a great travel computer, You can get a wide range of options for processor, RAM and SSD size. When it die, I will replace with another. A little limited in what you can connect to it but with...
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    Garmin MK1 v MK2

    I read one review that said that the sonic transmitter for the air on the Mk2 was audible. Anyone else experience this? Anyone know the frequency and volume?
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    what kind of diver are you?

    I agree, I start to think about getting out of my board shorts and rashie and putting on my 2 mil shortie at 25C. Dry suits are for the days when you need a chain saw to get in the water.
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    Dauin or Puerto Galera for a month +?

    I am in Moalboal now. You could consider here. The diving is in a built up area so there is some night life. In PG you have a lot of currents to deal with and in Dauin the shore is all rocky and outside of Apo Island all muck diving. Moalboal has a nice wall, a wide variety of topside...
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