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    Casa Mexicana Breakfast Question

    Hopefully. Who would know if you order eggs that they don't put eggs on the plate that were already prepared. On the flip side, with the buffet you can see what you're getting and you get it immediately.
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    Reef House Lodge

    The think the dive nut demographic is reduced but not gone. Your typical 27 dives per week is quite rare but most people I know are not ready for less than 10-12 dives per week at an AI dive resort. I've forgotten and it's not worth redoing but I think I figured it was 10-12 dives or less where...
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    Cab stop and shop after airport pick up

    Then tell them your hotel is Hotel Barracuda which is directly across the street from Mega.
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    Cab stop and shop after airport pick up

    I'd agree with that if their hotel was in town, but Residencias is at the southern end. You're looking at an extra RT from the southern end, an extra 40 minutes in a taxi on a tiring day, and you're in little position to bargain on the way back to town. I'd just ask my driver to wait at Mega...
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    December roll call

    Not a huge diff in temps but the difference between pleasant/tolerable to stifling. We find the wind is really cool when you surface from the dive and love our boat coats in December.
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    December roll call

    I've been several times in December and have always lost one or two days but never 3 or more. Locals like to use Windguru for the weather because it's really all about the wind. I also like Windfinder. My advice would be to look at their forecasts starting a few days before you arrive and if it...
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    Return to Cozumel after 6 year absence

    In general, Mexicans eat dinner a lot later than Americans. The restaurants that cater to tourists are often shutting down by 10pm whereas the ones catering to locals are just getting started.
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    December roll call

    Dec 3-12, staying at Allegro, probably diving with Scuba Shack We haven't done the AI thing in about 7 years but syncing up with friends doing a shop trip. Scored BE fare for $267 RT.
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    Advance Reservations Needed for GoWest Boat Diving?

    My personal viewpoint is I would just wait til I arrived. I looked at their page and it doesn't look like very forgiving cancellation policy. Anything less than 3 days and you are SOL.This is the stated policy. Whether it's enforced like that in practice, I don't know. In some destinations...
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    Best Covid test clinic?

    The only thing better would be getting the test in your sleep and waking up to see a printed negative result on the nightstand.
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    Return to Cozumel after 6 year absence

    Maybe they lost a little money on you but you've given Salty a number of shoutouts for it. Somewhere, someone has probably bought some diving from them after reading that.
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    shore diving in cozumel without being a resort guest

    We spent almost 5 weeks there in April/May working remote and boat diving on weekends. Occasionally we would sneak in an early shore dive or shore night dive. Tikila is open. Not sure if Del Mar next door is still open but we've rented tanks from them before and jumped from Casa del Nar pier...
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    Scooter Rental-LONG term

    Ernesto's has an ocean-front restaurant down near Casa del Mar. They've been around forever. That's a decent rental deal but still $900 in three months. You can buy basic models new for that, and used for much less. I don't think you are going to find a lower rate from a rental agency. You might...
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