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    Jet Fin Warranty: Does it cover 1-week old fins? Ugh...

    just curious, why would you be "pushing off of sharp wrecks or reef"?
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    Buddy Dive in Bonaire - How is the on-site Photo Center?

    Kinda what I was thinking. Sitting at a computer editing photos while on vacation sounds miserable.
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    Best Supermarket Food Choices

    Where will you guys be staying? We are also going to be there March 7-14. We are staying at Buddy Dive.
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    New version s600. - where is the serial number

    the serial number should be under the mouthpiece. remove the mouthpiece and it will be etched in the plastic on the housing, or should be.
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    Scubapro Mantis / M1 Dive Watch

    I want to say it will be $599, but I can't remember for sure. If I can remember, I will look at the price list tomorrow and report back.
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    Diver missing - Pelham, Alabama

    The article I read is pretty clear that a lift bag with his name on it was found at 105ft on Tuesday. They started concentrating more on that general vicinity above and below and found him at 72ft today. Not sure what is contradicting or hard to understand about that.
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    Reccomendations for Gluing my Fin

    Depending on the nature of the tear or where it is, why not take it back to your local Scubapro dealer. The Novas have a lifetime warranty and there may be a possibility of a warranty replacement set of fins. I would check into that before concerning myself with a repair.
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    SSI Certification Schedule

    What she said above... I assume you are talking about Carla at Deep South Scuba. I work there for her part time, but am currently in the BVI doing a Divemaster internship. Hope to meet you sometime and go diving! To clarify the way SSI does it, which in turn is how we do it at the shop. If...
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    Trying the Scubapro road

    Cool, I have been in Rhea's before and have bought a few trinkets in there over the years. Nice shop, nice guys/gals and a lot of them are into public safety diving and also tech diving. David Rhea is a long time cave instructor and is one of the main guys/instructors with GUE, which is ironic...
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    Scubapro Jet Fin

    what size does she need? I know where a medium pair is available. The OP bought the large pair we had, so he can chime in if he wishes. I'll PM you.
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    Trying the Scubapro road

    exactly, folks here like to act like the cheaper the better and if it isn't a $300 BP/W set up and a $350 Apeks or HOG reg then you overpaid and are stupid. ridiculous if you ask me. I have always dove Scubapro, always had good luck, good service, and well performing gear. I likely always will...
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    Scubapro Seawing Gorilla fins disintegrating, the improved version :(

    regular novas= white w/black S, blue w/silver S, black w/white S, yellow w/black S- all have black straps gorillas= gray w/silver S or orange w/white S(Dive pro only)- all black straps. It appears your Gorillas are the previous black ones w/gray straps. that was the way to tell the difference...
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    Scubapro Seawing Gorilla fins disintegrating, the improved version :(

    lol good deal, I wasn't talking about you specifically. There are some passionate souls that lurk in these waters, who are never at a loss for an opinion! lol
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    Scubapro Seawing Gorilla fins disintegrating, the improved version :(

    I know I am gonna start a fight here, and to each their own, but my Gorilla's outperform any "split fins" I have ever used. I own a pair of Twin Jets and have dove the Twin Jet Max just within the Scubapro product line and the Novas in general are far superior, even more so with the Gorillas.
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    BVI Best Dives?

    same here w/mountain point and wall to wall. the airplane wreck is kinda fun as well. dive bvi is the shop to use without question. they have multiple locations on virgin gorda and also at scrub island resort. i am trying to workout the particulars with doing a divemaster internship with dive...
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