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    Sliding D Rings w/Deco and Stage Tanks

    I use two fixed d-rings. I start with the side mounted tanks clipped to the rear d-rings and the stage clipped to the front d-ring. I later shift the side tanks to the front d-rings which puts them sharing with the stage d-rings.
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    Solved: Server Crash 2021-08-06

    He can't spell his own name so you made him an admin. That seems perfect. hehehe
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    Solved: Server Crash 2021-08-06

    FIFY and for Sphyon. He now has 145,000 likes. That's less than one per member but hey, moderation in all things.
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    New Shearwater AI transmitter - the Swift

    I've never seen greater than 170% SurfGF but I usually exit at 50% after killing time in the shallows on my typical 4 hour dive.
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    New Shearwater AI transmitter - the Swift

    Bravo! RTFM wins again. Thanks! One other thing is that the gas consumption at the beginning of a dive can be off based on the initial inflation of the BC while descending. It takes awhile for that to average out of my ongoing consumption monitoring(a little calculation that I do in the...
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    New Shearwater AI transmitter - the Swift

    Let's just say I respected them. When you see things flying by just around the corner and have just heard about the guy they found a mile away, it's best to not rush out into traffic.
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    Any way to help Cozumel with vaccinations?

    If you bring PPE to Cozumel and want to connect to some doctors, I know 4, three on the island and one from the island working on the mainland. PPE was not a problem there when I left in mid June. Unfortunate is that has changed.
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    New Blacktip setup...

    Two bay charger is fine for me even when I dive two scooters. They charge in just 2-3 hours so swapping out the sets is easy enough and the two bay is easier to pack and travel with. I don't want them to sit full all their lives so I actually partially charge them after the dive and top them off...
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    Anti-Fogging Treatments for New Masks. (a comparison of techniques)

    Often people don't know that their lenses are removable. All of the masks that my wife and I use have a small plastic piece on the front of the lens that is removable with a small sharp tool. After that retainer is removed, the lenses and the silicone skirt are removable from the plastic frame...
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    Anti-Fogging Treatments for New Masks. (a comparison of techniques)

    Why not just remove the lenses for the soak?
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    A few months ago I tested some tanks that were labeled as 28%. They tested at 32%. Hmmm I guess my planned dive to 40 meters is going to have to be adjusted. Then I hooked them up and the pressure was low. I then knew what had happened. I pulled out my phone which has a gas blending app on it...
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    New DPV - Dive Xtras

    I trimmed it at the edge. I have hundreds of hours on the scooter since then and there are dings and scuffs but the edge has not lifted or been a problem in any way.
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    Attaching Gear to Sidemount Cylinders? Pros/Cons/Suggestions

    Pockets on both legs, rear d-rings for dsmb, etc, cutters on shoulder and waist straps. I also use a small weight pocket to store my spear point when not in use or during long scooter traverses. All I really need to carry generally is wet notes, spare mask, cutters, dsmb, spear point, backup...
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    I f*** up and I am ashamed

    Several posts have been removed. Some that are not appropriate for a learning zone have been left but may yet be removed. This thread is in the basic scuba forum. There are special rules that must be followed to retain our ability to post in this learning forum. The rules follow: ScubaBoard...
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    Compressor for now and later?

    Yes but for him it will be for two divers if I'm guessing right and a 6 cfm compressor will be fine.
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